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I would definitely love to test these. Thanks!

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Would be awesome if I could test a pair! Mainly I'm interested in seeing how they may stack up compared to the RE0 and even a full sized can like my beyers. Also, it would be interesting to see what sort of effect a tube amp has upon them.
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I would also love to try a pair. I'm really enjoying these monster turbine's I won at a best buy monster training with tom land yesterday. I would be able to do a fair comparison between the differences I hear in both.
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Would love to test these and know what makes these headphones top tier as this is the last in the turbine series that I haven't heard yet - interested in the strong points that some users I respect have described... sparkles in the treble and extremely balanced as reference headphones
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Another chance - please.
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maybe you should let us review the monster turbine gold/md this time round
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i haven't tried any monster just yet, but i have a nice collection of entry and mid-fi iems to compare.
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Hi there from Denmark.

I would love to test these, and give a precise and enjoyable review when done. I have not been in these circles for a long time, but in the hifi area for quite a bit. For the moment, i am trying to find the best sounding non leaking device, so my wife can get some sleep (at least from time to time).

Hoping to be consideret worth the responsability and and all the best from

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Count me in too... I would love to give these a try
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count me in as well, would love to test em!
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Please let me try these phones out!

I have been using the Monster Turbines for the last few years. I would love to see how the new versions sound compared to the old
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I'd love to give these a try and can give a comparison between them and my W3's and IE8's, with my Sony X1060 and Sansa Clip, I hope that living in England doesn't count me out.

The types of music that I listen to range from Slayer to Sade and all sorts of music in between.
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I'd like to throw my hat in the ring for a chance to test the MTP Copper. Thanks. Jon
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I would very much appreciate the chance as well - my first chance to even hear a Monster preconceived notions here. I have had the opportunity to review books for a website, but never an audio product.
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