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Test Monster Turbine Pro COPPER Headphones - Page 12  

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I am very interested in reviewing these. My assessment will be honest and articulate.
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still interested in trying a pair and hearing how they sound paired up with a Pico slim.
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I am also interested to see the difference between this earphone and others.
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I am very interested in testing them out. The exorbitant price and absence of demo unit here in Singapore stopped me from auditioning these very well received earphones.
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Looks like I missed out on the first round. Well, beside that point, I am very interested in testing a pair.

I have had the Etymotic ER-4P, which is the most accurate and cleanest sounding earbud I have heard, and currently have something on the other end of the spectrum, the Denon D2000. I will answer any other questions you may have as promptly as possible. Well, I hope I am considered.

Thank you for your time,
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I'd be glad to test these out.

I'll admit I'm not as experienced as a lot of other members here, but I can be very eloquent with words. I've always put a 2000 word minimum on reviews and will try to be as detailed as possible to describe how good these are.

And I've just been having horrible things happen recently so this would be a very nice turn of events since I have no working portables now. It'd also be nice to rid of the Monster instantly=crud stigma in most people's minds.

Plus, I'm a high schooler and would use these in school where people would ask where I got these from and more than likely buy something Monster.
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I'd be happy to provide a non-North American assessment. Our ears here Down Under are a little different :-)
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Oh wow..more stuff to review by Monster. Their generosity for this stuff is definitely impressing me.

Maybe my luck will be better this time around :P GL everyone
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I would love to give a pair a good test! I am coming from the previous version of the apple in ear on an iPhone 3GS. I should be able to provide a good test/review for the "average" user!
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Sign me up ! I would love to test this with my own Shure e5c, Shure e3c, Denon AH-C551, Klipsch image s4 & Denon AH-C452.
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Just a quick note to reviewers in this program: in your review, it is probably a good idea to clearly disclose that you received the product in question for free.

See here for more info:
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Would love to try and see how the Coppers fare with all kinds of music, and I mean ALL.
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Originally Posted by The Monkey View Post
Just a quick note to reviewers in this program: in your review, it is probably a good idea to clearly disclose that you received the product in question for free.

See here for more info:
And why is this? Can you please break down all of that text.
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I would love to review these headphones! I believe we already spoke via email.

As you may know, I've been a long-time customer of Monster and have a pretty good idea of the market. I would love the opportunity to review/test these headphones as my initial thoughts of them where really good.

If given the opportunity to review this product, I will be sure to make a full in-depth review with high resolution pictures. I will be also willing to make a YouTube video on behalf of the Head-Fi forums describing these headphones and what I think about them. I think I would do a very good job at demonstrating these headphones in everyday conditions and pointing out the pros and cons. I will also follow all recommended guidelines when making the review.

Anyhow, I think it's very generous of Monster to set-up such a program for the Head-Fi community.
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I think the guidelines are pretty clear (FTC is pretty decent about this stuff), but I think the relevant portions for our purposes can be found in Section 255.1(d) along with Examples 3-5 and Section 255.5 along with Examples 7-8.
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