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Test Monster Turbine Pro COPPER Headphones - Page 2  

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Would love to give them a try.
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I sure would love to try a pair of those coppers.

EDIT: Is this offer also available for folks currently residing outside the US?
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Not sure what the lottery is based on, but I'm looking to buy a new pair of IEMs soon so I'd definitely be interested in trying these out too.
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like everyone else here i would love to be considered for trying them out
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Will like to try them out and offer my thoughts about them.
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I would love to listen to them, compare them to my other headphones and write a review.
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yup, count me in.
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I would love to review these. Also I can write review for , where I'm one of new reviewers.
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I'd be interested in reviewing the Turbine Pro COPPER.
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i'm interested to check them out and see what they can possible offer against the other high-end universals that the competition offers. Will definitely be happy to do a short write up on my thoughts with these babies.
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Sign me up, very interested. Thanks
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Give. Them. To. Me.
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Not much rep on head-fi but...
you can throw my name in the hat at your discretion
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I would love to hear them, I would be more than happy to write a review!
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Designed for "serious audiophiles"? a bold claim.

I'd be interested in trying a pair.
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