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Same here. I have bought from them a few times in the past with no issues and fast, friendly service.

In the past couple of months they seem to have taken a major dive in quality of service. Firstly I enquired about some replacement connectors for my UM Customs - no response. I tried again and still nothing.

I asked about some Silver IEM cables and nothing.


Just yesterday morning I ordered some RE-262s. They took my money, the website shows plenty in stock and they promise despatch next day. I have checked all day and my order is still Processing. I have phoned them 3 times this afternoon and whenever the receptionist tries to transfer my call to the relative dept they fail to pick up the phone. I have been promised a call back from them today, but it is close to close of business and I can't see that happening now. Very poor Ampcity - why haven't these shipped yet? Also why did you not respond to my other recent sales enquiries?. If the RE-262s don't arrive soon you've lost another customer. Yusuf - I would sort out your customer service as it has clearly taken a downturn in recent months.

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Still no response and no RE-262s. Very poor.

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I'm currently having issues with Ampcity, I ordered a Hifiman 601 and after a week I decided it wasn't for me so I sent an email requesting a return but hear nothing back sent another still no response so I called them only to be told I have to speak to a certain person to authorise this but they were busy and they would call me back, guess what no call 5 phone calls later I finally got through and he said send it in, It was received on the 15th and still no refund tried to call and the person I need to call is always busy, sent various emails no response either so I sent an email direct to zain which in his apology email he says he promises to respond within 6 hours well 2 days and still no response.

Very very poor service
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I think they got overwhelmed with orders. I ordered from them in early 2010 I think, I have exchanged about 20 emails with Zainul. He responded prompt-fully and kindly. He even allowed me to pay in two instalments which sealed the deal for me. I think they are nice guys but like other small companies they have not expected to grow so rapidly.

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I also got an apology email from then saying they would reply to emails within 6 hours.
6 email and over 2 weeks later and still no reply.
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Their site is down

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AmpCity are by far, the worst company I have ever dealt with, and that includes some joke on eBay who tried to sell me a dodgy Gameboy made out of cereal boxes.


4 months ago I placed an order for a Unique Melody remould. Initial contact was prompt and polite. After the 4 week delivery estimate I started to email AmpCity to find out about the progress of my order, and it was here that the problems started. They took longer and long to reply to my emails, and ignored a great deal of them. They were also very hard to contact on the phone.


2 months after the order was placed my IEMs turned up. AmpCity however had failed to include the cable I had ordered so I was unable to listen to them. It took a week for them to send this cable from one side of London to the other, because they kept forgetting to send it and were unreachable to be reminded to send it.


When it finally did arrive, I noticed that the IEMs did not have the requested driver upgrade and had a bubble on one of the monitors. This was the fault of Unique Melody and not AmpCity but as they test the IEMs before posting them I'm amazed that this wasn't noticed.


A week later I'd sent the IEMs back to them to be remoulded. They said that they would tell UM that these were to be prioritised because of the mistakes by UM.


It has been 9 weeks since my IEMs were sent off and I still don't have them. My emails have been ignored by AmpCity. I have only been able to speak to someone once since this all happened, that was last week when they said the IEMs would be with me today. They are not. 


In short, AmpCity are a disgrace and I'd strongly urge anyone who is thinking about ordering from them to think again, or consider making what you want to order yourself. It'll be quicker and less stressful.

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I have a similar experience with AMPCITY - here is my one starr review from Trustpilot...


4 frustrating months

Here is the short version of how I tried to get AMPCITY to deliver my order!

Don't read this review as criticism of Audio Gd - I am very satisfied with the Digital Interface!!!

Here it goes:

Feb 22. 2012:
I received a mail from AMPCITY that “Audio GD DI + PSU + Clock-upgrade” was in stock again.
Their web-site said: Availability: 3+ in stock. Ships next working day.

This is NOT exactly what happened!
For me this is a quite simple order - for AMPCITY this seems to be an extremely complicated order above their capability to fulfill completely!
And they have had their chances - I have approx 40 mails to/from AMPCITY

Feb 22.:
I made my order (Audio GD DI + PSU + Clock-upgrade)
I chose to pay by transferring money from an account – expecting this to delay the shipment a few days.

March 5.:
After several mails (a few unanswered) and one phone call I received this:
"I can confirm that we have now received payment - you should receive a shipping confirmation email shortly."

March 21.:
After several mails (some unanswered) and at least 2 phone calls I received the Audio GD DI and PSU.

Unfortunately without the Clock-upgrade I have ordered.

I mailed AMPCITY the same day.
First they tried to convince me that the Clock-upgrade was preinstalled – which I of course had checked it was not before I wrote!

May 15.:
After several mails (mostly unanswered) and I got an excuse from AMPCITY and this promise:

"I'll be in touch within the next few days to confirm dispatch.
My apologies for the mess once again."

I really thought something would happen now.

June 15.:
After several mails (mostly unanswered) and I got an excuse and this promise from AMPCITY:

"I am genuinely surprised by your email - we notified Audio Gd to send you the TCXO clock directly and having not heard from you for some time [note: I had mailed 2 times with no answer] it had indeed been received.

I am so sorry for this oversight, it only adds to what has been a frustrating issue for you. I am sending Audio Gd another email now to follow up and will email you once I have confirmation that it actually has been dispatched.

Our intention was never to cheat you"

June 17.:
I mailed AMPCITY this: "Expecting to get a status from You within a few days…"

June 28.:
After another unanswered mail from June 25. I give up.

I must conclude that AMPCITY haven’t got the ability or will to fulfill my order completely and part of my payment is lost (fortunately only 15£).
They have had 3 months to ship a tiny clock from AMPCITY in UK or to get Audio GD to ship one from China.




AMPCITY mails.jpg

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They've gone kaput.

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Dang!  And the Silver Fortis cables are not part of the sale.



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