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I bought a DAC from AmpCity, and it was dispatched super fast. Buying was hassle free, and I would (and probably will) shop with them again. They have a genuinely interesting selection of products too - A good thing for the UK customer!

Cheers AmpCity
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Audio-gd pheonix from ampcity

Same experience for me; just bought an audio-gd Pheonix through ampcity. They are helpful, communicate well and ship fast and professionally (to Germany). Would have cost me about the same (including customs) to buy direct from China - this was much easier.
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Damn ... the "Contact us" form is not working .
I have a question reagarding the FUN and the special OPAs but how can I get in contact when the form is not working ?
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Originally Posted by TheDuke990 View Post
Damn ... the "Contact us" form is not working .
I have a question reagarding the FUN and the special OPAs but how can I get in contact when the form is not working ?
The problem was caused by maintenance work we did earlier today.

Thank you for highlighting the problem and our developers team has now fixed the issue. You can now submit your question again on the same contact form page.

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Great news. Thanks
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If you live in Europe and you want to purchase audio-gd stuff than I can advise ampcity without any doubts.

The delivery was very fast, the support, service and contact was really helpful and fast as well. And additionally I get a special gift .

Simply a perfect deal from a great dealer -> Thanks !
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Hi, Newbie here and back into hifi. Just bought a Audio GD Phoenix from Ampcity and found them great. Responded to all my email enquiries super fast and often outside of business hours. Kept to their promises too.

No affiliations etc, just a happy customer. Now onto digital coax cables, XLRs, BNCs ....... This is a whole different world to the one I left of Naims and Sondeks.
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I have received my Ref5 DSP from AmpCity yesterday. Delivery from UK to Slovenia took 6 days which is very good considering stuff from Germany takes a week+ and our customs are relatively slow. Shipping costs were also cheaper than when I order from Germany. Their customer service is the best I have encountered ever, I have exchanged 29 emails with Zainul and all were very swiftly replied and it was very enjoyable to talk with him. They did everything I asked from them and more. To summon; best customer service ever, good prices and fast shipping with tracking. Very recommended! Thank you AmpCity!

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I live in italy and I bought a HE5-LE. Super fast service, very good support. It's a perfect place for buying this stuff.


Thank you



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Dealing with these guys has been a bumpy road; on the site it says their goal is to answer mail in 48 hours, but they so not always reach that target. Oh well, probably Holiday.

But there is more; I ordered a REF5 which the site said there were 3+ in storage. Ordered, received order, the money was cashed, nothing happened.

So after a few days I asked if they had a T&T-number for me.

I was answered my REF5 was in custom (England, Holland or China?) and burned in right now (strange place), there was some delay because of the new USB-chips.

Then I got another email, saying they contacted their shipping department (a web store with limited assortment, and still a separate shipping department?) and there was óne REF5 in storage, it would be sent to me right away.

Again I asked for a T&T number. Answer was their T&T email service was not functioning properly, but rest assured, the REF5 is on its way.

A week later I received a T&T notice saying the REF5 was sent that very day to me.

This clearly leads to the conclusion that the previous mail was simply untrue. I hate it when I deal with someone who does that.

After that DHL managed to get the thing 2 days from England to Holland, very fast.

Upon receiving I discovered there was no USB-input but 2 optical inputs instead, and a US- powercable. So why the wait for the new chips?

Anyway, it is here and I intend to keep it; if a US person here discovers he didn't get his 2 optical input REF5, he or she can contact me, but I'll only switch upon receiving a new unit, it was hard enough to get this one.

So would I do business with ampcity again?

Don't know, their clearly unreliable in their communications, and messy with their orders, and you pay much more then ordering direct. However, when ordering direct you pay a lot of money for the P&P and there is often a long wait at customs, with the risk of additional tax.

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I bought a DAC (Reference 5 DSP new Version with USB 24bit/96kHz) from AmpCity.

My questions about the products from audio-gd were answered really fast (even outside normal business hours) and helpful for my decision to buy the Reference 5 DSP. Processing my order and shipping to Germany (with Tracking number) were done very fast. Really good customer Service (thanks to Yusuf). Very recommended! I will buy from this great shop again.

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I purchased an Audio-GD NFB-10WM from AmpCity. From feedback available here, it seems that ordering from Audio-GD directly can be a painful process and that their quality control and customer service is particularly lackluster. If you're located in Europe, ordering gear through AmpCity provides a safety net against the unreliable Chinese manufacturer - you get warranty from both AmpCity and Audio-GD, and AmpCity will test the gear for you before shipping it out.

The experience was remarkable - Zain was a great help during the whole process and answered my every email knowledgeably and politely. He kept me in the loop as to when the shipment from Audio-GD should arrive (and he managed to estimate it right). I felt well taken care of ;)

On top of that, the price for the particular unit I got (NFB-10WM) was not even higher than the price of ordering directly from Audio-GD (the latter calculated including shipping, but not customs or duty fees - and to avoid customs you would probably have to go with the more expensive EMS, etc.). Shipping of the 10kg beast to Poland was also remarkably fast and cheap.

The only quibble I might have was that it sometimes took a few days for my emails to be answered - but the answer was always adequate. I would heartily recommend AmpCity to anyone :)

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Thats funny, seems like you been speaking to zain the same time as me! and also told him im saving up for the nfb-10wm currently :)

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I will NEVER buy anything from this retailer again.     BTW I have never ever felt moved to complain like this about any retailer before.


I bought a pair of of Hifiman HE-6 headphones from them online.  My order was not acknowledged nor any receipt received until I chased for it by email.  The phones arrived a short time later after being delayed by a fault found in their testing. Good that the first pair were tested.


At that point I enquired about speaker output adapter cables and ordered a set of these for a further £40. this was a Friday, I was told they would be dispatched following Monday.   


Late in the next week I enquired if they had been dispatched as promised.... no, their tech was still busy making them up and they would be dispatched following week (!)


They never appeared the following week.  I was told they had been dispatched..... but no sign my end.   After more enquiries it was agreed that another set would be made up and sent to me by recorded delivery.


Needless to say... these have never arrived either.   According to Ampcity the post office says they have been delivered - but I have heard no more in response to my request for evidence of who signed for them.


By this time - 3 weeks after receiving the headphones and having decided I would not be keeping them if the supplier could not supply me with the adapter cables, I decided to send the HE-6 phones back under the terms of Ampcity's 30-day satisfaction guarantee ("No Quibbles").


As I sent them back Royal Mail Special Delivery, I know that they were received at Ampcity last Monday 10th October.  But of course I have not been refunded for them.


I was told on Friday by email that refunds for the still never arrived cable and for the headphones would be processed by end-of-day.  But its now Tuesday and still there are no refunds to my paypal account.


I have escalated a paypal dispute on the £40 cable and am about to do the same on the £875 HE-6 Headphones.  I think it is a disgrace that I have to report this frankly rubbish level of service and treatment by a supposedly reputable retailer.  



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So I ordered a NFB-12 from Audio-Gd while it still showed that they had 3+ in stock, the following day though it was displaying "Available to order. Ships within 7 days.". I wrote AmpCity about this two days ago but didn't receive a answer yet, heck, even Audio-Gd is more friendlier and responsive than AmpCity.


Feels like being ripped off. If I don't hear anything from them until next week, I'll contact PayPal.

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