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Ath w1000 with different pads anyone?

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Have any of you tried w1000 with different ath pads. (W2002, L3000?)
I really love these phones and they are by far the most comfy i have ever tried, still I would like them to have a little fuller sound and more bass.

I could try the fittz mod, or change the cable - maybe equinox?

But first I would like to try to do something about the pads.
While my ploblem is not as big as others I have read about, I still canĀ“t get a complete seal because the lower part of the pads touch the sides of my head before the upper parts leaving a smal opening above my ears.

I could modify the headband to change the angle, but i guess a better solution would be deeper pads. I would change the angle the pads meet my headandincrease the distance between ear and driver, both of which should be a good thing. A better seal should improve bass and the greater ear to driver distance might improve the stage.

So Is there any pads that will work with w1000 that are deeper than stock!
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Do a search for Phatpad mod. Basically you stick some flexible tubing under the pad making it deeper. I tried it and didn't like the change in sound, your mileage may vary.

If your looking for deeper bass some people have had some good luck dampening the inside of the wooden cups:

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I have read about the phatpad mod, thank you!
The thing is that the mod might sound very different than pads that are deeper to begin with. I might compress the pads a little making it less flexible and harder. - And i might also change the airflow.

So while I will try the phatpad I would still like to hear experiences with different pads if anybody has them?
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