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I dare you to find me a pair of speakers for $35 that are as good as RX700,  I can do that with any of the headphones I've tried because in their price range they are just unmatched by speakers. You'd nearly have to spend $300 on speakers to recreate what a good pair of $100 headphones will get you.


Headphones are cheaper, and they require much fewer parts and less tweaking, positioning,and overall fuss, they have other obvious benefits but that to me is pretty important.

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I can honestly say that it's rare for me to find songs I enjoy more over the $20,000 pro setup I work with over my 200 dollar headphones. Most of the time it is only when 2x12" subs add to the experience. And the room is, well, terrible. 


Ok, it may be a little unfair to speakers because of how bad the room is. We get this echo that on a certain song makes the cymbal part double-time... It's a 1000 seat auditorium


But you can actually get more echo than speaker in the front row(under the speakers)

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