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FOUND: HiFiMan EF5 Amp

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Hey guys,

Looking to purchase an EF5 Amp, shoot me a PM if you have one

EDIT: Found thanks!
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I have one - I might consider selling - I have bunch of tubes - I went through 15 to 20 tubes to select these best based on Sound Quality -
Telefunken 1960 (I paid $60 + $10 ship) - these is the best sounding tube for this amp in my experience
Amprex (~$50)
Sylvania - rare military grade tube - made in USA?

I have shared my impressions in HE threads

If I sold - I would be selling not as much for improving SQ (as HE-5 sounds best with this amp) - it would be more into trying to get a headphone amp integrated into pre-amp / integrated amp ...

If you are interested - pls send me your offer (shipping will be extra from 11375, local pickup can be arranged)

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pm sent
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Does anyone know if the HE5 amp is optimum with the HE5-LE?

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