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Originally Posted by chinesekiwi View Post

Anyone know where you can get the assessories for the eQ-7 such as eartips from?

You can get genuine ones here. A little on the pricey side though.


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I received the e-Q7 earlier today and noticed something different. I guess Ortofon updated their plug with the ones that the e-Q5 have due to durability issues. biggrin.gif


photo 3.JPG

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Venting the silicon tips of E-Q7.

It looks like that E-Q5 has some reputation in terms of sound over E-Q7 and it is said that Q5 has somewhat less bass in amount than Q7 but better treble in quality... Considering both models, I think the major difference is that Q7's body is completely shielded while Q5 has some space to vent at its rear cable holes. Q5's hole may not be designed to have intentional acoustic effects, but I think the said difference of Q7 and Q5's sound signatures is consistent to the effects of venting the phones. 

In general I like the sound of Q7, it has very well balanced frequency response and high resolution. The weakest point of Q7 is its a bit grainy treble I think. I like cool and objective sound, but Q7 might lack some sweetness of treble necessary to present violins or female voices. So I thought venting Q7 can be worth to try. I made a tiny hole in the inner cylinder of the silicon tip with a needle. The result is as I supposed, smoother and sweeter high but less definite and reduced bass. I've listened to it for about a day. It looks promising but I have to listen for a longer time comparing it to the original. I'm not sure the resulting sound signature is ideal or well balanced, but I think it is worth to try and want to hear opinions from others. (Maybe somewhere in the forum others have tried similar things, if so would you locate it?)

Of course you will need spare silicon tips, I've got from the local distributor in my country for about $4/pair. 

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Hi people :)


If you are interested, I am trying to sell my e-Q7: http://www.head-fi.org/t/663659/fs-ultrasone-pro-900-ortofon-e-q7-aiaiai-tma-1

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just bought one , very curious to how these will sound against my K3003/CK10/RE272

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i just received my EQ7 , and out of the box they sound better than i thought

i am running them out of a DX90 , unamped (i have an arrow 4G but i don't sense any need for it)


first of all , i don't sense rolled-off highs (and i have ck-10 as well) which was a possible fear and the details/transparency level is excellent without being overly fatiguing

i knew they would be good , but i find them to exceed my preconceived expectations

i am very happy with what i hear , I will do some tip-rolling to see which ones sound best


anyway for 150$ new , these are definitely a keeper (but i need to sell my backup pair of re-272 as i only have 2 ears , not 6 :p )


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Just got my ortofon eq-7 yesterday, and since, I bought this in-ear because of the vocal production and boy I am a lover of first impressions with this. I never listened to "the Voice" series at all, but now I'm find myself listening through so much singers and their voice are rendered beautifully that it sends me waves of chills. This might be my first earphone that I might start a review on compared to my others.

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Hi guys, I'm selling an e-Q5 which I'm not listening to much anymore. Their mids are indeed special.


The classified's in my sig. Thanks for reading.

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