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Ghost Sightings

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Has anybody ever seen a real ghost?
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Several,but that was back in my drinking days.
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I and several friends witnessed a black "orb" float thru the room one time....very weird.
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To drive from Southern California to Northern California, one of the way is to drive up north on 5, and then take a short cut through the mountains on something called the 152 that connects to 101.

The first time I was doing this drive, which was close to 5 years ago, the rain was pouring HARD and it was night. I somehow thought I saw a Mexican dude wearing all white standing in the center of that POS highway. I only managed to see "it" for a second or so. Once I passed I looked in the rear view mirror and I saw nothing. That was pretty surreal but was that a ghost? I doubt it.
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Has anybody ever seen a real ghost?
No, but I'm sure plenty of people think they have.
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One horrifying summer night, you know dark intimidating when everything was dead silent. So still you could hear a pin drop I heard a young sexy voice call out to me, “come join me, come join me” and as I continued to ignore the voice I felt a creepy cold and clammy hand run up my leg, suddenly to hear a bloodcurdling scream I noticed a sexy female ghost stealing my prized headphones :/
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I used to believe in them when I was little, but now it's one of those "I'll see it when I believe it, and even then it was probably brought on due to lack of sleep" things.
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In a dark and stormy night......

wait... nvm..
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Once a few years ago in Taiwan, I went to a market type place next to a smally valley/river. It was night time too. As I was walking with my family, I noticed a bluish blur, about the size and shape of adult male about 30ft to my forward-left by a set of stairs and it was moving towards the market. I looked over but didn't see anything.

It was a bit scary as I was young back then, but I still don't know what it was. Haven't seen anything like that since.
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Never have and hopefully never will, that is of course if they even 'exist'.

I think if I saw one I'd **** my brain out. My #1 fear is seeing a ghost. I've heard a lot of stories from friends, mainly just stuff in my hometown, but I've never experienced anything other than the feeling of being watched... but I'm sure everyone feels that from time to time.
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This guy disappears from Cleveland, then there were supposed sightings in D.C. haunting the Wizards fans, but it turns out he was in Cleveland the whole time.

But seriously, I saw a bunch of ghosts hanging around Rhyolite, NV after leaving Death Valley, turns out it was a tourist trap.
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There's always one behind me whispering in my ear, but I've never seen it (it doesn't appear in the mirror). Shun the non-believers! SHUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNA
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I saw a ghost on the cover of Bob Dylan's "Time Out Of Mind". Spooky.
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