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Nuforce uDac vs TubeMagic D1 help!

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Hey guys I've been looking to buy a DAC but can't decide between the uDac and the TubeMagic D1. FWIR the uDac is great but it only has a USB input. On the other hand the D1 can be used with a lot of inputs but it's worth $100 more. In the end I want to have the best sounding DAC between these two and I'm willing to sacrifice the lack of inputs on the uDac if it's the better of the two. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
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I'm thinking about exactly the Same thing as you. So what was your conclusion, and does anybody has any input on this?
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Not sure if you both use the HPs in your pic but I have a D1 and have listened to SR225s and 702s (as well as my D5000s and AT-W1000X) and in my opinion, I did not think the D1 and the 225s were a good match. the D1 sounded great with the 702s and excellent with the D5000s but only good with the W1000x.

I have owned i for 7 months and use it every day and have it connected by analog to my TT and USB to my PC for 6 months and more recently by Optical (once again in my opinion, the optical input was better, but that is becasue I have 24/96 recordings that do not benefit from the USB 16/48 interface.


I am switching to a DAC Wow and Yamamoto HA-02 next week but will do a comparison of D1 to my new setup and write up some notes on it.


Hope that helps you.


BTW - I sold my EF2 to my buddy that has the 225s and he loves the synergy that they have and he has listened to them on the D1 and was not pleased with it either (he also has a LD MKIV+ and Audio-gd  Compass he uses for his 225s and HF2s). The EF2 was a great little hybrid unit (USB and Analog) and I enjoyed that for 6 months. I had to get the D1 though as the D5000s were woefully underpowered on the EF2. I heard them on the Ef5 though and they sounded great.

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im using alessandro ms2 right now.

and if it matters, the sm3 and um3x as well.


it'd be a great favour if u can do up a comparison of the D1 and the Yamamoto! please pm me the thread!

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