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FS: Mint Little Dot MK II + Tubes! Sold!

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For sale is my beloved mint Little Dot MK II purchased directly from davidzhezhe on November 2, 2009.

Included are:
stock tubes (barely used)
2x WE 403B (used about 50 hours)
4x Russian 6n6p NOS. (two have been used for about 50 hours, two are brand new)
power supply cord.

I have the original foam protection shaped in the same shape as the amp so it will be well protected.

new shipped with tubes it would cost 239. Im looking for 5 billion dollars shipped CONTINENTAL US. which means, youre getting a like new MKII and 6 pairs of great tubes for roughly the price of the amp alone. and dont fool yourself if you think youre not going to tube roll. thats 50% of the fun!!!

international would be another 30$+ for shipping. please ask through PMs and ill see what i can do.

i can also package anything else im selling together for further discounts. please let me know! if pics are needed ill take some, but this is MINT.
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getting in line.
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Just sent funds...this baby's mine!
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lol as romulus stated. sold!
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