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The Paul Hynes PSU could be a decent upgrade http://www.paulhynesdesign.com/page7.html


They should be even superior than a battery.

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"To achieve this Arcam have teamed up with dCS (Data Conversion Systems), licensing their Asynchronous USB Technology*"


"8741 IC from Wolfson Microelectronic"





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dcs sounds like a noname brand, but they produce 80.000$ Units wich beleiving some reviewers are the best the´ve ever heard. How it stacks against the streamlenght stuff will be interesting, i think that Arcam wouldn´t license it if it would be crappy.


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Can you give us an impression of it's performance?

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Where can I buy this in the U.S. in the future?

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Correction// I have just opened the box for our demo unit and in the box are 3 different mains adapters for what looks like the US and Europe. on the transformer it states 100 - 240V so the units we are selling CAN be used in europe and the USA.

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Sounds like it has a switching psu.

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Another request for impressions from any who have heard this DAC.  I've got one on the way, based on size and spec and the very few impressions so far available (all positive).  Has anybody else heard it yet?  Thanks.

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Originally Posted by barbes View Post

Another request for impressions from any who have heard this DAC.  I've got one on the way, based on size and spec and the very few impressions so far available (all positive).  Has anybody else heard it yet?  Thanks.


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OK, mine's been running for an hour or so...


I've gotten it as a source for a coming RWA-based system, but right now it's feeding an April Aura Note and Omega speakers, USB from a PC, lossless files.  The Note has its own USB input or will take an outside source via AUX inputs.  I've set it up various ways in the past, in which the same files give uDAC < the Note's own USB input < Centrance DACport.  The rDAC is noticeably better than the DACport.  Initial impressions are of very wide and well-defined soundstage and terrific imaging.  I really like it.  I've had a running conversation with Headphoneaddict about the DACport, which he agrees is a good source for a larger amp despite the double amping using it introduces.  He reckons that stepping up gets you into, for example, PS Audio Digital Link III  territory, so I think the rDAC is safely in that neighborhood.


It's also pretty small and low-profile, which is what I wanted.  Overall very pleased. 

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Gonna wait for the wireless model!

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I'm in doubt if i buy the rdac now or wait for the wireless model. I've read that the upgrade antenna and usb dongle will be 100 pounds.

But if the new model will be the same price as it is now i will be dissapointed. Does anybody know what the price will be for the wireless model ?

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Some individual who had some complaints in the Computeraudiophile thread is complitely wrong in he's descriptions.


You called? Putting aside the grammar and spelling in the above quote (does anyone actually learn grammar these days - hmmm... doubtful), that "some individual" would be me. And I wasn't complaining. At least I may have been but I don't think so. It has been what I have been hearing. I think. I've been hearing something. Maybe it isn't the rDac. I know something got between my ears when the rDac was in the system and caused all sorts of unhappy faces. Might have been the voices I hear from time to time. Who knows??


Whether it was the rDac or something else the noise reaching my brain (and the brains of my mates...but I discount them - I mean whoever has the bad taste to know me cannot be relied upon) got very ugly indeed around the 80hr mark and is only just beginning to abate now - at about the 150hr  mark. I reported positive experiences up to the 80 hr mark. Or at least I think I did.


I am glad if you have not experienced the changes I have. Hope you don't. It may well be my unit is faulty. It may well be the type of music I listen to. It may well be the voices in my head. I don't know but to me all has not been well in Arcam land. Which surprised me: Arcam are a large global audio company with first rate r&d and reliable products - by and large - if not always to my taste.


I certainly don't rate the rDac up to 10k level of dac. No where near it. But if you think it does good for you. Can you send me some of the good stuff you obviously have access too? It would make this hobby a whole lot more fun and I would probably be $9500 ahead.


IMO it is a competent unit but doesn't lay a glove on the higher end dacs I own, have owned or heard. I hoped the dCS tech would elevate a budget dac into.... something ...else. Atm I am not convinced it makes it into Lavry Da10 territory let alone anything better. Actually I am sure it doesn't. But then again I am sure getting involved in a protracted land war in Afghanistan is a mistake so you can't take anything I say seriously.


The rDac It is fine with simple music but falls apart badly on complex pieces. But so do most dacs. I'm listening to Oscar Peterson's Last Call at the Blue Note as I think out loud here and the rDac is being perfectly pleasant and well behaved. The Eroica earlier today was a vastly different proposition. Ragged is how I would put it. But less ragged than it has been. So that is progress.


Of course these are my personal musings and not to be taken with anything other than a large grain of salt.Sea salt at that. YMMV  depending on what you are used to, what your system is and what you listen to. Oh and the phase of the moon, the BP stock price, how warm the beer is (shudder shudder) and whether I had marmalade on my toast this morning.


Now ..these are as cheap as chips...I suggest everyone go buy one and make up their own mind. 



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