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I cant afford that, I have a $200 budget, I can just afford a MS2i and nothing beyond it, im looking for the most forward and lest shrilling high sounding of the lot that i can get...with yellow pads

Id love to wait and save up but then I wouldnt have a main headphone to use. These are to replace my main that will be used here at the pc and with my sansa fuze most of my time. Good amps come later, I need the headphones first :P
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Originally Posted by swbf2cheater View Post
Im looking to buy one, but not sure which.

after heavy research it appears the 225i is more forward and colored than the 325i. It seems the 325i is more neutral sounding.

I am caught up between the 225i and the MS2i. Which do you think would be a better choice. I do not like neutral airy sounding. I want a forward sounding with decent bass. Those 414 yellows look so yummy

any advice you can give is appreciated. I've a 200$ budget and i should be able to afford any one of the three, the 225, 325 or the MS2i

the 225I is forward. and has good bass on tracks that have bass. i love mine . highly reccomend them.
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The simple fact people say that they are more forward than the others is what i need and i think i am going to do my best to buy them asap now.
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Try an SR60 with bowl pads. Somewhat lesser bass but the detail in the treble will be fantastic. And it will be somewhat brighter than the SR225.
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Where are you getting an MS2i for $200?

I can't offer any input as to your decision, but I'd like to thank everyone else on this topic, as I face a similar choice. I'll probably get the SR225i based on this (and other) reviews. (perhaps unless the MS2i is $99 less than on Allessandro's page).
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Some NOT mint MS2is are being sold for around 200 here on headfi.

After reading the reviews, the 225i is obviously much more detailed and of a higher quality than the sr60i. The 225i seems to be reviewed as not neutral sounding and more forward than the more detailed higher quality 325i. For that reason, I have to go with the 225i. The Ms2i are not what I am looking for, they are said to have less bass than the 225i and a more controlled sound that is airy. I do not want that.

And the RS series is giga expensive so i cannot afford that right now hehe :P

225i with 414s seems like the winner....any grado with 414s makes me drool
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Good choice!!
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Yep, I'm going to get an SR-225i. Pity it's not as pretty as the HF-2 or the SR-325is.
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Originally Posted by Ear Damage View Post
Before you purchase another set of cans let's get the priorities in order:

1. Bills
2. Child support / alimony
3. Home maintenance
4. Auto care
5. ?

thought I bring that up as I have a couple of friends who heavily invest in audio equipment but yet their homes are falling apart, drive rickety cars, wear clothes from the stone age and eat ramen noodles.
And I thought I had my priorities wrong. Don't they think of what'll happen to the cans if the house collapses?!
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For all the Grados I've owned, I find myself coming back to the SR60 again and again. It's the cheapest of the regular Grado line, which facilitates the assumption that it's not nearly as good as its higher-priced brothers. But with certain common-sense mods, it sounds fantastic. In fact, I've yet to find a "better" Grado that sounds as good as my SR60s after they've been tweaked. (Easy tweaks don't make me anything other than a guy with too much time on my hands.) My point is that it's not always the driver. It's often what you do with it.
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saving another 150-200 is out of the question lol, i cant wait any longer, im going absolutely mad without a main headphone that suits me
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why dont you just sell some of your headphones. then you can afford a hf2 or whatever.
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I once saw the 225i for $170 after a 15% discount on avhifi. Do they still do this because I would be super interested in getting one
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Originally Posted by debitsohn View Post
why dont you just sell some of your headphones. then you can afford a hf2 or whatever.
Because I am a collector as well as a listener :P
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