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Would it be silly to woody HF-2?

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I understand that Hf-2s has their unique 'exclusive' status that comes with their aluminum outer cups, but would woodying HF-2s be plainly silly?

Would their sound signature change a lot, and would that defeat the purpose of having these headphones screaming: THESE ARE HF-2s PEOPLE! Or..would it make these headphones lighter and perhaps look even better?


For process + pics please see Page 2 post #21
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go for it, just save your cups. It's reversable.
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Well the chamber is made of wood if I am not mistaken...so changing the metal cups to wood would have absolutely no effect on the sound at all, AFAIK. I could be wrong though, although that logic seems pretty truthful to me.
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To me yes, but to each his own.
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it would make them lighter i would think. personally i wouldnt but its your headphone and no one could tell you what not to do to it! if you do it, pictures!!
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I think it'd change the sound, but you never know til you try.
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Why not just get the RS2 or RS1? If you do plan on defacing the HF2, I suggest upgrading the cable to counter the loss in value, if that's important.
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The cable upgrade actually makes sense since the stock one is a little short.
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I rather like the shorter cable as I don't find myself tripping or running over it with my desk chair.
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But the aluminum is so nice - baby PS1s!
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I also prefer 2meter cables over the usual stock 9' cables.

re mods to wood: I was able to buy more than one HF-2, thru friends. I chose to go with (Headphile) Vixen - where my HF-2 drivers are put into open Beyer shells and wood, along with Headphile cabling............last week I decided to have Larry mod. my final pair of stock HF-2 because I'd come to realization that I would never go back to HF-2 left as stock. The Vixen sound, if you will, is very "organic-sounding" - making the stock pairs seem more false than you realize when you first receive them. Additionally, they have a much larger soundstage than RS-1. Oh yes, I will be keeping and continue to enjoy my RS-1/flats primarily for the gal jazz singers.
A couple of days ago I started to listen to Hindemith Organ Sonatas with these Vixen/HF-2 and you'd be amazed of the capability of these HF-2 drivers out of their stock form. They DO have very good capacity to handle large and deep organ tones. To me, these drivers are the best choice for this conversion (the only alternative, IMO, would be Joe Grado drivers - but I don't have the nerve to desecrate a pair of his headphones or ask him to sell one of his remaining pairs of drivers for such use).
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@Bushguy. Vixen mod would then mean changing cables, drivers and beyer woods right? In that case, I wonder where the SQ got most of its change...

@alphaphoenix Which cables would be recommended for the HF-2?

@stang yes..the chambers should be all wood up to the aluminum cups. I did read somewhere though that someone feels that there were some metallic sounds to their violin sounds on some track perhaps due to the aluminum cups? Only very slightly though...
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Interesting question... try it and let us know how the sound is affected... if at all.
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yes... how dare you even suggest it
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Originally Posted by Justice Strike View Post
yes... how dare you even suggest it
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