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Looking for a watch - $1000

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I am looking to buy a watch in $1000 range.
I don't have any brand preference at this point, but ideally a classical look with leather wristband.

Thanks !
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Are you willing to consider vintage watches? You'd have a hard time going wron with an Omega Constellation.

If you really want a classic look, consider a used IWC or a Zenith. Wonderful quality with both and they truly hold their value.
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Yes. I am willing to go for used. But, I might need a bit more direction on where can I find those ? www.watch-fi.org, maybe ?

Any particular models ?
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Well, I am asking for a friend. I would love to get one of those vintage watches.

But, he is looking for a new one...
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I am now looking at this one
RightTimeWatches: Men's Classima Swiss Date Watch #8485 by Baume & Mercier

This seller seems to have the lowest price, while other sites sell them for 966. But, this site looks kind of ....

Any good watch sites I can check out ?
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Tbe Stowa Marine original is just about at the limit of your budget depeding on the day:

This is a hand wound watch with no date.

If you want an automatic watch with a date, the Marine Auto is well within your budget:

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If it has to be new, and at that price range, then either a Sinn 556 or a Stowa.

As already mentioned, $1000 can get a lot of watch if you're willing to buy used.
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I recommend you look at the Hamilton Jazzmaster line.
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Home Page - TimeZone

Beware, though, it will suck you in.

A (used) Speedmaster Reduced on a leather strap looks really good.
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but ideally a classical look with leather wristband.
for the classical understatement look i just love my IWC Caliber 89 ... build in 1952 and still working like a charm
example pic:

starting at about 900-1000$ for a good condition in steel.

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watchuseek.com is a great resource. Good luck with your search!
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If you don't have any particular brand in mind still, have you ever considered a custom made watch? A friend of mine is a watchmaker, and I could put you in contact if you were interested. Just throwing that out there.
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Dont get a Movado. I have had 3 brake on me. They dont hold up even only being a dress up watch and the cost of the repairs is almost as much as the watch new. I wont be buying any more of those.
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Why would Movado repairs be expensive? They don't even have mechanical movements, it probably costs $5 for a new quartz movement. Although IIRC they have a couple of automatic watches in their lineup at the very high end.

I'd second the Stowa suggestion!! They are amazing. I have an Antea Kleine Sekunde, and even though I have the spare cash to upgrade to my dream watch (Omega Speedmaster) these days, I have a hard time letting go of the Antea. It's very understated and retro-looking.

I've always been interested in the Marine Original Black.
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