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NorCal - SF Bay Area Feb 27 Meet Impressions - Page 6  

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I really wish I'd spent the time to chase the T1 around and try it. I did like the HD800 quite a bit. As I said earlier, once open cans make sense for me again, I'll probably seek out a pair.
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Originally Posted by atothex View Post
Well, my hopes were just dashed rather quickly. From brief meet auditions, I'd say the T1 isn't noticeably better than AD2000 or HE5 except in looks.
Well you know how new toys seem to be better for a while. . .. I'm glad you and others were able to compare it. My desire for a T1 aren't so strong any more.
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Thanks for sharing all the impressions and pictures. Another awesome meeting it looks!
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^ x2. Wish I would have been able to make it. Enjoying the pics and impressions.
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Yeah, that definitely looks like a great meet. Though I hardly have much to contribute, I really hope to attend the next one, and I can only hope it's soon. I'd really like to hear what's available for me before I blow my college fund on some of this stuff. :P
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Bumping because...something is bubbling up from 10hz!


This is Ti Kan's (amb's) link for pics from the last Bay Area Meet:





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Heres a jpeg. biggrin.gif



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I must said that was a nice surprice talking with Acix  We found many things in common and mutual interests

this great site give the opportunity to us  do many headfi's cyber friends

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