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P O S S I B L E ... S C A M M E R ... A L E R T  

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The matter is still being looked into, but it appears there might be a scammer attempting to prey on members who have posted "WTB" ads. At least one member has possibly been robbed of a considerable amount of money by this person and several others have been "offered" the specific item they "WTB"....from a relatively new member who has zero feedback.

AGAIN - Make sure you know who you're dealing with before you send some stranger money or equipment. Check for feedback. Know how long they've been a member. If the amount of money or product is considerable (you be the judge of how much you're potentially willing to have stolen from you) get the person's full name, address and phone number ... phone and speak with them and confirm that the information is legitimate. Match their name, and phone number, and address through the various internet 411 services to prove they are legitimate.

I'm not going to post the suspected scammer's name until they've had a chance to respond to my questions, but at this moment things don't look good so I'm posting this warning. The member in question only joined in January and approached several WTB ads with offers to sell since that time .... several were on the same day, which is often a tell-tale sign they are looking to make a quick score then disappear.

If you suspect you've been defrauded, please contact a moderator asap with details.

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mbriant thanks for the heads up
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Thanks man.. this might be helpful for when i deal with somebody!
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good to know, thanks for the heads up.
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Thanks for the warning!
Damn those scammers...
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Thanks for the heads-up!

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Cool thanks.
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Thanks for the heads up.
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I feel he's tried to PM me trying to sell some IEM's which I'am very sure I didn't post WTB for, if you need I will forward you his ID.
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The scammer is a POS. Name plz.
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thanks for the heads up. always good to know

^ mbriant did say it "might" be a scammer so better to find out for sure before posting an id.
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This.. Sounds... Like me..
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I've advised mbriant of the person already.
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Doesn't hurt to post the name out now and rescind it later once the proof comes up.

You're only doing the scammer a favour by keeping the name in secret. A lot of damage can be done within hours... no lie.
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