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The internal size without the foam is about 145 x 430 x 290mm inc lid - with the outer layer of foam it's about 80 x 405 x 270mm - there's over an inch of foam in the lid and base so could fit things about 120mm tall without an issue.
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Hi, I bought a HippoCase from Jaben Audio (Large or Extra Large, for my AT ATH-A900X).

I'm looking for a case suitable for the AKG K550s and also headphones similar in size to the ATH-M50s.

I love the suggestion to look at Bunnings, since I too live in Australia. I may go ahead and try that as the prices are pretty cheap, but I would really appreciate advice on sizing/cases to fit sizes as expected. I'm not sure if I really want superhard cases or the same semi-hard like the HippoCase.


[Edit: Further] I have had a lot of trouble buying cases on Ebay because they are frequently advertised as fitting X headphone.

What are headphones similar in size to the AKGs and ATs that I mentioned? That would be fantastically helpful.

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