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Real or fake sony hybrids? - Page 2

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Wondering how good/bad these will be:

$3 is dirt cheap i guess, as long as they are utter trash I'll be happy biggrin.gif

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they are fine


get these instead



i asked for 2S-5M-2L pairs and i got 3S-6M-3L


so i got 12 pairs instead of 9



just my .02 c

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the fake sony hybrid is inferior in quality. i bought 3 sets from lostearbuds


the real one is very soft and adheres to the ear, while the fake one is somewhat hard and can't give good fit (in my case)

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Even though the fake ones are probably inferior to the original product (I haven't tested the originals yet) they are better than stock tips for almost every model I've tested.


For the price, I think they're a great buy. They're so cheap you don't feel guilty abusing them trying to put them on 5.5 nozzle models :)

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I also ordered yesterday from lostearbuds 9pairs for my RE-ZERO. I think is a good deal to have arround a bunch of tips.

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the difference was huge for me... you should try the original smoke.gif

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The coppies are but brighter in the mids and a hair less extended on top. Slightly less textural in nature. A bit firmer but still very nice tips. I prefer the original but it's nice to have the others around and their sig could actually work better on with the right IEM.

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If only Sony sells 4 pairs of the same size instead of 4 pairs of different size....

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Originally Posted by ClieOS View Post

If only Sony sells 4 pairs of the same size instead of 4 pairs of different size....



Sometimes I do find that the fake hybrids get me a better seal than the reals.  Other times it's the exact other way around.

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