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Awesome guy. I contacted him some days ago in the morning to buy Etymotic HF5, we arranged the deal in about one hour (communicating on mobile interent with our respective smartphones). A couple of hours later, the Etys were shipped. I got them today and they are in super condition, just as described.
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Jeffrey sold me a pair of IE7 in great condition. Pleasure to deal with and I would recommend him to anyone else.
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I sold my pair of Westone 3 to Jeffrey and it was a real pleasure to deal with him from start to finish: Very fast payment and a nice communicator. Don't hesitate to make business with this guy if you got the chance.
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I bought a pair of Westone3 from Jeffrey. Great communication everything was as described with quick shipping. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with again.
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Vinnie is a great guy!  I sold him mt GR8's and Ibasso T3D amp.  Very easy to communicate with and a very fast payer.  I highly recommend doing business with him.

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Jeffrey, seller exemplary, I bought Grado GS1000, after a few hours to receipt the money, he sent the package.


headphone as a desciption are like new, thank you very much.

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Jeffrey purchased my Kicas caliente and he was terrific to deal with.  Very decisive with fast payment and being a new yorker was a big plus saving me on shipping costs.  All around great guy to deal with.  Thanks Jeffrey!

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Jeffrey knows what he wants and that's that! He doesn't mess around... instant payment, great communication. An all-round perfect Head-Fi'er.


Thanks Jeffrey... Enjoy the Coppers!

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Bought GR-8's from Jeffrey.Excellent communication, condition as described, well packaged, and promptly shipped. Would not hesitate to buy from again.

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Traded my Denon AH-D2000 headphones for Jeffrey's Cardas cable.


Superb comminucation, professional packaging, and fast as lightning shipping!


Could not go any better!


Thanks for the amazing transaction!

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I bought HD650s from Jeffrey and he was a perfect seller! He was courteous and shipped the item promptly.

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Bought his KICAS Caliente. Great seller, very patient, great communication, won't hesitate to deal with again!

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Fantastic seller.  Posted a WTB for a ibasso T3D and he PM'd me the next day offering a fantastic deal.  Was very detailed in describing incredibly minor cosmetic flaws.  Shipped very quickly.  All around great seller.  

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Great Guy. I am from India and requested him to ship Klipsch s4i to my friend in US. Ultimately got it here and its been a pleasure dealing with him. Never fails to respond.


Very pleased...

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