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FREE for shipping: wilsons leather jacket  

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got this jacket on a whim from wilsons outlet a few yrs back. its a size medium. i'm a large. in the store it seemed ok, but i never felt comfy in it afterward. has maybe 3 or 4 hrs on it, not even burned in yet

color is a dark brown, stressed leather look. its heavy

was gonna throw it in the charity pile, but decided it was too nice, and maybe a headfi-er would like it
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I will take it. Thanks.

I will check me E-mail tonight or just give me a call.
Glad to pay for shipping by Paypal or USPS money order.

[mod edit]I don't think you want that information posted on a public forum.
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its already pending to pistolsnipe! david, you are next if it falls thru
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David, you may want to take down your information on an open internet forum.
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To the OP: Great gesture. nice to have you as a member here.
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