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MD newbie: Recording help

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I don't have a minidisc player yet but I'm thinking of buying one. I heard that the best recording is made using an optical cable. It is not the same optical cable that is used in connecting DVD players to receivers right? I have a CD changer but it doesn't have an optical out. Do I need a cd player with optical out?
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yeah, the best way to record is using optical. most recorders (except the cheapest ones) come with a cable for it. it's one with a square plug on one side and a miniplug on the other.

if you only have a coaxial digitsal out, you can use a device to convert the signal to optical. not sure how expensive, but I believe the RatShack has em. use the search, I believ it's been mentioned before some time ago.
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The MD player I'm looking at will have optical. So what would I need? Upgrade my CD player? Can I go into a HT store and buy the optical cable? Or do I need to go to Sony or something if I buy my MD player from there?
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if your MPD doesn't come with an optical cable, you can buy one in practically every electronics store "around the corner" and certainly every large audio store has em.

you can ofcourse always record analog, from the RCA outs of your CDP. there is a bit of loss of quality since the information will be put to analog in the CDP and then to digital again by the MDP. you might also need to seperate songs as your MDP might not recognize the end of a song (when the first song sorta melds into the next).

if you think changing to a CDP with digital out will be worth it, go ahead. you might be fine with analog recordings tho. I'd say wait till you get your MDP, make some analog recordings end then decide if you're satisfied with the sound or need to do something to get digital.
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What kind of optical cable is used for the Sony MZ-R900?
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All optical cables are the same, arent they? I record my stuff analog and it sounds fine.

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there's two types of optical connectors. miniplug-like, those are the ones that are used in portable equipment, and square ones that go in the CDP. so you can have square-to-square cables for connecting components to a DAC, mini-to-mini to connect a P-CDP to a MDP and the one that comes with your MDP is a square-to-mini.
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You can also get adapter plugs to go from full size toslink to the mini-optical plug that portables use. The most versatile setup would be a full-size toslink-to-toslink cable with two adapter plugs that way you could go portable-to-portable, or portable-to-full size CD player.

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