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Received iBasso T3...no increase in SQ at all? - Page 2

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Some deaf people in this thread ...I can hear a significant (not day/night, but easily day/twilight) difference with my cheapo little E5 and cheapo RE2's out of either my Cowon or Fuze. Sound stage opens, more detail and clarity, more bass, etc.

And yes, I have A/B them "blind" with someone switching between amp or no amp without me knowing, picked it easily each time.

I'm looking to get a T3 soon btw. If my E5 makes a significant difference, I can't wait to see what a real amp does!
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A let a dozen people audition it at school today, and not a single could tell the difference between the iPod headphone jack signal and the line out signal with the T3 amp. What I mean in my first post is that the T3 is defected. When I plug my RE0 in the "out" jack, I hear static noise and sudden decrease in volume (just like when you plug your headphone in partially). Do you think that might be the reason why I can't hear an increase in SQ at all - because it's a defected unit?
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It would seem obvious. I would contact iBasso.
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Yea, sounds defective. Sorry you got a defective unit, it's very frustrating!
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did the OP allow for burn-in time ?
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He has static when plugging it in, I don't think burn in will help..... maybe your devil smiley was a sign that was a joke.
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If by static, you mean white noise, then perhaps it isn't defective, but the RE0 is supposed to be not very sensitive. The T3 does have an appreciable amount of white noise (did I say appreciable?)
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Yes you did but I don't agree that the T3 has an appreciable amount of white noise. When I have it set to low gain, which is all I need for IEM's, I don't hear any noise as in hiss etc, unless tape hiss from older recordings. This is my opinion and I am sticking to it. :^)
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Ok, you know when you have a cracked pair of earphones, and while your earphone jack is in your source, you move/tilt/press down the jack any direction, and the sound changes (gets very low, then high, etc.)? That is what's happening. I don't know how to really explain it, but everyone here should know what I'm talking about.
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Well, that doesn't sound right! You probably DO have a defective unit, but I wouldn't expect a night and day difference from an iPod to the RE0 which should be pretty well driven from an iPod anyway. Again, I've noticed the biggest of differences when running balanced armature earphones.

I'm not saying there won't be a difference, but I'll be it is pretty minimal with the RE0.

Keeping an amp around is great for a lot of other reasons: attenuating volume from other sources (airplanes, DVD, for reducing hiss from really noisy sources, and if your source has a lousy headphone out, helping it unload onto the earphones in better quality).

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I hear a very big difference using my rockboxed 5g iPod alone as compared to using it in with LOD in conjunction with either my CMOY or iBasso D2 Viper - even with my pair of AI-M6s. Just sounds better. I would bet there is a problem with the amp he received. If it was just him I'd say maybe he has a hearing problem but he mentioned he let others audition it and all were in agreement that there was no difference.
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When exactly volume matched their should be differences, but not major. If OP suddenly expected the world to open up, s/he may be upset at any amp with any player/amp combination. Naturally, I hope that ain't the case, but you never know. The only earphones which have 100% day/night difference (not necessarily better/worse) is the Final Audio design and the Voyager combo with contour.

Others, it is an overall fitter sound. I will be showing this in a couple of weeks with proper output measurements.
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Check for defective patch cord

I just received my T3 two days ago. I'm using it with an 8GB Sansa Clip+ and the output sounds amazing on my Westone 3 IEMs and Shure SRH840 phones. However, when I first hooked it up I got all sorts of crackling noise, volume fluctuations and audio warble when I would handle the unit. It turns out that it was not a defective jack on the unit but, rather, a defective patch cord that came with it. Are you sure that it's the OUT jack that's causing the problem? If not, it could be a bad patch cable that just happens to act up with any sort of movement.
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aRe you using an lod with the iPod or the headphone out with the t3???
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I'm using the Fiio L1 LOD. I'm going to send my T3 back tomorrow, and they'll be sending me a new one. Let's see if the new unit actually will make a difference to me in SQ.
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