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Star Wars C3PO Stand Bust Headphone Stand PRICE DROP $25

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Well, I think i made a mistake posting this in the "Show your Rig" thread because I've gotten a large volume of PMs regarding the C3PO bust. He is a great headphones stand,and in my humbled opinion one of the coolest headphone stands I've ever seen. I am using an Ultrasone Pro 750 in the picture here. He is made of plastic and hollow inside. He is a little beat up from years of use, a few scratches as you can see.

$35 and he's yours. Give him a good home.

PRICE DROP $25 shipped

Paypal only CONUSA buyers only.

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I will take it.
Iwill check my E-mail tonight for your PayPal info to send your money.
Good Listening.
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^ I'm selling have to send me YOUR money lol hehe
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Price drop and bump
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PayPal sent today. Sorry for the delay.
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