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I have too many messenger bags. 


Not pictured: Crumpler "Western Lawn", Jack Spade "Nylon Canvas"

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I've seen so many bags of holding around campus. That's what I get for going to a geek school I guess.
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This is a gorgeous bag, and exactly what I'm looking for! Does the main pocket open wide enough to fit a small laptop (12" x 9.5"), and a notebook of similar size? I can't find those measurements online anywhere.


Also, are the side pockets large enough to carry a water bottle?


Thanks in advance! 

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Got a black On Sight Saigon Grand at MEC over the holidays as my new bag, the thing is huge, very well made and also made in Canada.






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I see your pathetic purses and raise you a real messenger bag.


HF Messenger



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I've got one of the bags that Eric_C has pictured, the Mission Workshop Monty. These things are essentially Chrome bags on steroids; waterproof and HUGE (and worth noting that this is the smallest model they make). Great because you can secure the top flap with buckles, or roll it up if you need more space/rainproofing. I haul my entire photography set-up in this thing: camera, lenses, flashes, triggers, filters, tripod, lightstands, softboxes; it does it without any problems :D







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FunToys: good to see another Monty user! Is yours the black version?

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Originally Posted by Eric_C View Post

FunToys: good to see another Monty user! Is yours the black version?

The tag on mine says its the grey version, but looking at pictures of both colors, mine seems more like it's in between :/


How are you liking yours?

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How odd. To be fair, the pic I posted wasn't taken by me, although it is an accurate rendition of what the bag looks like in real life. 

[Just checked the Mission website--grey is definitely light]


I'm loving my bag. It's practically replaced all my other bags for daily use: work, weekends, whenever the weather looks bad. I have to say that the material is quite heavy though; a bit of a downside when I want to lug my recording or photography equipment with it. Could just be me having a small frame.

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Yeah it does get quite heavy, but I just convince myself that I develop lower back strength by lugging it around cool.gif

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I finally had it with the cheap ones breaking at their crappy plastic-rings to attach the strap, so here goes: TT Document Bag, made by the military branch of Tatonka. The MOLLE-rigg on the front and sides is just brutally convenient. Made from some kind of polyester with PU-coating, it was rainproof for an hour, fortunately so far I did not test it any longer. You can buy any kind of attachments to it, in any size and thus mine now sports several little pockets for all that crap you seem to need every day.

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I have been using the Tom Bihn Ego (thank you, Judie of Gear Diary smile.gif ) daily for 4 years and it is still in very good shape. The Absolute Shoulder Strap (same as the OpTech S.O.S strap) makes heavy load a lot more bearable.



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Gotta love the INCASE messenger bag that holds up to a 15" macbook!!  My neoprene macbook 13" sleeve fits well inside the laptop compartment and I've gotten rid of the incase shoulder strap pad and replaced it with a timbuk2 messenger bag padded strap that is sturdy and has "grippy" material to stay on my shoulder.  I'm not a light packer and this messenger bag is fairly stylish (nylon), holds my toiletries, extra set of workout clothes, and calendar, along with HR monitor (garmin GPS), and nalgene.  BTW, it's a satchel!

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Cool thread, I only just found it :)

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I like this one!! A bit girly with the leather bowties, but I really like it regular_smile%20.gif


Originally Posted by kontai69 View Post

I carry a Filson 232 medium field bag...



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