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Niiiice. I like the "TAD" allusion. Suitable for spontaneous SAS ops, too, I'd guess.

Do the buckle snap expansion belts tuck into anything underneath?
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Nope, and they are very annoying when hanging loose as they bang against the bag while walking, but that was easily solved by rolling them up and fixing them. First with a paperclip, later with a more sexy solution in the form of a velcro cable tie.
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I was going to wait for the new J Crew Bowery bag to come out later in the month (may still buy one), but decided to get a leather bag for now.  I mainly wanted it for my iPad and  other gear (uDac, headphones, camera, magazines, etc..). 



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Have you ever heard of Saddleback Leather? They make really good quality leather bags, but they're on the pricey end. They're cheap ones are around 300~350, but it might be worth looking at regardless. They give you a 100 year warranty, and provide tons of pictures of the bags being abused.



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I just bought myself a new bag, a Crumpler Cheesy Chick in the colour as shown on the pictures, called Roadkill Red. Fits my 13.3" Macbook Pro perfectly and the notebook pouch is removable for the little bit of extra space on the occasions where you don't need the computer.



Crumpler Cheesy Chick

Crumpler Cheesy Chick

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Man I like that Crumpler Cheesy Chick in black, but I can not find it in the USA.

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anyone tried BagaBoo?


I need a superdurable,waterproof quite large bag..

bagaboo seems to fit the bill.

been looking at Seagull or bagaboo 

any imressions on either?

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Originally Posted by mrarroyo View Post

Man I like that Crumpler Cheesy Chick in black, but I can not find it in the USA.

That's probably because they have different product lines for Europe and USA/Canada/Australia/Asia.


Try a online store in Europe that ships to the states?

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I have two messenger bags...a brown Nike Core Messenger Bag and a Logitech Kinetik Briefcase



Both are for 15" laptops so my HP Pavilion dv7 dont really fit where it should....

I can put my dv7 in the Nike bag w/o problem but not in the pillowed case...not safe but better than nothing...


I think I'll sell the Logitech cos I have to stuff my laptop into it and its not good (yeah, I tought it can take a 17" laptop..and it can, but not in the pillowed case)...and its too bulky for me as well...looks great, and got a kinda professional look but I just dont like to use it...


I love the Nike though cos its perfect for school and everyday stuff...it can even take an A3 drawing board....yes it looks strange but I dont need to worry about the rain

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Coach Voyage Canvas Messenger Tote Bag - Red


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Ted Perry Shoulder Bag

So after obsessing and agonising only SLIGHTLY too much about what to buy, I've settled on this Fred Perry bag. I guess it's more of a shoulder bag than really a messenger but it will have to do. Cost me about $80 AUS including shipping to source from the UK, if anyone is interested I'll let you know if it's any good when it gets here.

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First off, Jack Spade is fictional, so there is no "his bags" The guy is named Andy SpadeI'm a huge Bailey Works/RELoad/Seagull/PacDesigns fan. The small ones are TOUGH, and comfortable. Manhattan Portage and Timbuk2 have slid down in quality a bit and is now making stuff overseas, though they are more affordable. I wish someone did some thing that was a nice nylon bag that I could use with a suit that doesn't wear out my clothes




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this is mine :))



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I carry a Filson 232 medium field bag...


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