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I have this vintage cassette deck and had it serviced recently (belts, bias, azmuth) to TDK-SA cassettes

The frequency response test came in at 43Hz - 18,500Hz and the owners manual on this deck shows a frequency response from 40Hz - 18,000Hz...

Since this deck cannot achieve the high frequency 20Hz - 20KHz, should I be looking to buy a deck that can achieve the full frequency response to get the most out of my vinyl record recordings?

Will I notice an audible difference in sound quality compared to a deck that can achieve the 20Hz - 20Khz? I do prefer more bass in my recordings as well...

My Audio chain- Grado Red Cartridge - Soundcraftsmen PreAmp EQ through Soundcraftsmen Power Amp. (Vintage High-End stuffs)

Am I overanalyzing frequency response or should I look out for a better cassette deck with higher frequency response??