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FS - Sleek Audio SA 6 SOLD

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so i have a pair of sleek audio 6's for sale.
Basically I thought I lost a head, bought a ie7 and ue10 and then found the head.
So these are up for sale.

They have around 60 hours on them, they are the older version but the cable is the new one. They have just been replaced.
*BTW I tried them today and realized that the cable is a bit off. So I will change the price to 65 since the cable is 20
Sleek Audio Replacement Cable - Your Earphone & Headphone Source

I realized that it was my mp3 that is off not my headphone cables because when I tried it on a different source it sounds great.
So the price would go back to 85 with the cable.

The tips have not been used since I used my own shure olives.
I am looking for SOLD with shipping
IF you are in toronto I am willing to drop off for 80.

Willing to trade for an amp.
Msg me with details

Pictures at SA6 pictures by constantinethegreat - Photobucket

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65 USD?
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Worldwide ship ? Poland>>> ?
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The cable is working so price is back to 85usd
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