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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post
I don't like to receive amps from head-fi members for review, for two reasons:

1. I can't predict how long a review will take me, and I don't like tying up someone else's personal property

2. I have no problem writing a negative review where I am send a loaner by the amp's maker - but I once wrote a negative review of an amp that was loaned to me by a member, and that member was mad I didn't like the amp he'd bought, and gave me a super hard time for a long time. Manufacturers know they cannot get away with that behavior - members do not always. So I don't like to review loaners from members precisely BECAUSE it helps to keep the stress level down, and the fun up.
Ok they sound reasonable and while I do believe they can be worked round, seeing as you're the one doing the reviews thats entirely your perogative to take on what you feel most comfortable with.

Like I said, I don't see an issue with reviewers when they are upfront and honest about what comes from where, plus of course, their reviews also lend credibility if they cover the whole spectrum of opinion rather than everything reviewed being the best thing since sliced bread like some do on here.

It just smacked of something unsavoury but as you've explained yourself and taken in context with your reviews I can accept that.
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Originally Posted by midoo1990 View Post
I use my hd650 with the headroom micro amp and it doesn't sound terrible to me at all.in fact it is very good and pleasurable experiance.I ordered the woo6 which is supposed to be one of the best to see if there is a difference between it and my $300 micro amp,but I am quite satisfied with the hd650 and micro.
I don't think the Headroom Micro would be classified as a portable. It's definitely small, but it seems more transportable than outright portable. I don't think Headroom markets it as a portable either, to my knowledge.
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Yes I know it's not portable,but according to alot it is adequate for hd650 that's why I mentioned it.
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Originally Posted by midoo1990 View Post
Yes I know it's not portable,but according to alot it is adequate for hd650 that's why I mentioned it.
I see, was a bit confused there as how it pertains to the topic in hand... Thanks for the clarification.
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Originally Posted by grawk View Post
It can drive them, but they sound terrible when inadequately powered.
Originally Posted by boomana View Post
The problem is when people have different ideas of what being driven acceptably means. I'm a huge HD650 fan, but dislike it out of almost all single-ended amps I've heard with the exception of a handful, and believe it fares better out of the balanced amps I've heard, but am not going to get into that here.
Ah ok, for me "adequately" means it sounds pretty much the same if driven either by my Woo 6 fed by an AudioFire4, or my Sansa Clip+. Of course the Woo can reach higher SPL, but the Clip+ makes them sound pretty much the same (sans the harmonic distortions, of course). The FiiO E7 drives them quite well too, while the Headsix doesn't come as close. It's all rather interesting with the HD650.
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As usual boomana comes in as the voice of reason, and clearly states it as it is.

Tyrion and I have not always agreed on things in the past, but to insinuate that he's trying to deliberately shine a bad light on Rays products is absurd. Even when we don't agree I respect Mike for his principles and passion for this hobby. To call him out as having some other agenda frankly leaves a very foul taste in my mouth. This gentleman bends over backwards to help his fellow hobbyists.

And to impugn Nate's (N_Maher) character is an even more offensive act!


If you can't accept that people have the right to their own opinions, you have no business masquerading as a hobbyist. Just be the business man you are, and don't pretend to be anything other than that, and your actions will at least be a bit more acceptable.
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Originally Posted by K3cT View Post
Very late to the party but can someone in this thread explain the merit of having a "balanced" amp without having a balanced source in the first place?
I know grawk already answered this, but I felt like I would chime in. Personally I have no idea what the merit is to have a balanced amp without having a balanced source, especially wrt portable IEM use. For me, the benefit in balanced is being able to do it from the source on, which offers numerous benefits, such as:

1) a dual differential design from the DAC to the output stage, which can offer superior digital performance
2) excellent grounding schemes
3) extremely low noise due to CMRR
4) ability to use IC's as long as you need without interference
5) Can take advantage of 2x voltage swing if needed

The portable balanced thing doesn't utilize any of the above since none of the portable sources out can output true balanced from a dual differential source. N_maher makes a valid point in that adding a phase splitting opamp to get the pseudo + - for each channel can be detrimental to the sound by adding another stage in the signal path that could be argued as redundant. You don't get any CMRR benefit, and 2x the voltage for IEM's is ridiculous, since IEM's are around 120db/mw or so and we are literally talking about such a miniscule amount of power needed for quality sound.

However, I have not listened to the thing so who knows, listen for yourself and maybe you will actually hear the 3d soundstage that wraps around your head. I will add that I personally like the balanced approach when it comes to my home speaker headphone rig, and am currently having a custom amp with balanced input lundahl transformers to take in the differential signal from my meridian 508.24, and output the signal through a phase splitting custom autoformer into the balanced inputs of my FirstWatt F1 to drive my horns.
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Geez, man, to me this thread isn't about shame on any one person, but a bunch. Ganging-up behavior from people who rarely post here anymore, but always seem to pop up when there's discussion involving certain people or companies. Same topics, same characters, same tactics.

Those I'm referring to know who you are.

I'm closing this thread, as it is hardly representative of the best of this community.
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