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The SM3 is a 3-way system (2 crossovers) and the EM3 Pro is a 2-way design.  The drivers are of course also different, with the EM3 Pro drivers being much larger, and the one post I remember from someone that had their SM3 reshelled and had access to a SM3 reported minor differences between the two.


So no, they will sound different.  The EM3 Pro is clearer, has more bass power with a little less warmth but better punch, the midrange is a little less thick and has less upper mid emphasis, and the treble is more prominent with better detail.

Ah. Thanks for that. Was trying to decide if I should get the SM3 or just skip it altogether and go for the EM3 Pro.

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If you go with the EM3 Pro, I would just say make sure you will like the sound signature as they can't be reshelled to my knowledge if you want to sell...

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^What about EarSonics themselves?

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Shoot Franck an email and ask...

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Just got the reply: No, they don't :P

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UM is willing to reshell the EM3Pro.

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Originally Posted by dogears View Post

UM is willing to reshell the EM3Pro.

Really?  Wow, that's brave.  Labor must be even cheaper than I thought.


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Originally Posted by ethan961 View Post

For those people who don't believe in burn-in for armatures, well, you're right, but the crossovers used DO burn in. I'm sure most of you know this, but just in case anyone doesn't.


What is crossovers? How do they burn in? Please tell me more!



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Originally Posted by average_joe View Post


I just finished cooking my Whiplash Elite TWag v2 cable and wow, you are so right, the synergy with the EM3 Pro is scary!  I A/Bed them with the stock cable and let me just say that with 2 of the 3 tracks I tested far, they made a nice difference in space and clarity while somehow reducing the mid-bass but not reducing the richness of the sound.  I really didn't like the combination of the Clip+ with the EM3 Pro, but now I can say I actually think they sound great together!  My three test tracks included Yes - It Can Happen; Eric Clapton - Layla; Armin van Buuren - Sail.  After a lot of switching back and forth (I really hope the plugs on the EM3 Pro hold up) the cable seems to separate the presentation more precisely improving the clarity as the tracks became more complex.  When the complexity was low, the only difference was the overall size, which was, on average, slightly larger.  But with the Elite TWag cable the more distant queues became much more distant. My biggest complaint about the EM3 Pro was the size of the space in comparison with my two other customs.  With the TWag cable, the space has improved to nearly the sized of the Fabs and the presentation has seemed to move slightly more in front of me than all around me, which is a good thing IMO.


Am I happy with my TWag purchase, yes, very.  The cable improves the technical ability of the EM3 Pro while making sound more musical to my ears; well done Whiplash!  And I am replacing my 601 with an 801, so I don't have a HiFiMan source, but I was very happy with the 601 synergy with the EM3 Pro; I am looking forward to the 801 now that I have the Whiplash  TWag cable.  

damn you joe and guy!


all i wanted was to find a decent replacement cos my cable's been cutting out on one side recently,.... so i log back into head-fi and one thing leads to another,.... and i think i might just have to get myself a twag.


it never bloody ends!




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Never does biggrin.gif
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my twag eclipse arrived, courtesy of Tomo at hfi.jp




burn in has commenced, but i did give it a quick listen,...


straight out the packet, the highs were nice but the bass was flabby and all over the place, like a fat chick at an all you can eat kfc.


but everything else sounded real nice, the highs especially were nice an liquid. after so long with the em3 sound i was a bit worried i might not like it.


joe's analysis on width and presentation is spot on,... it pushes the sound slightly more forward, which i too think is a good thing. i liked the stock cable presentation with the sound all around but you did lose some ability to localize anything other than hard left or hard right. it wasnt bad, i just think its now better. might change my mind tomorrow tho :P 


it is also wider, or maybe cos the image is slightly more forward, it sounds wider? i dunno, but it does sound a bit more like i'm listening to speakers,... i havent decided if thats a good thing or a bad thing as i do love how immersive the stock cables sound,... i'll definitely be trying out some movies and binaural audio so see how it compares. i think the added space and slight forwardness of the sound might actually make for a more realistic listening experience as localization would be even easier,.. we'll see.


hopefully the bass will tighten up nicely over the next few days.


anyway, Guy and Joe, thanks for the excellent on point reviews of the twags.


back to cooking.


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Thanks for sharing, keep us updated.

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what a difference a day makesbiggrin.gif


why arent there musical notes in the emotes section?


i can now say that yes i do believe in cable burn in,.... i dont really care what happens to a cable or if nothing happens to the metal on a microscopic level or if its lil tie die fairy-goblin half breeds that flow through electricity that are responsible or whatever reason either side of the camp gives to back up their argument,....


all i know is that i plugged the twag in the minute i got it, listened to a few mixes and then burned it for about a day, and listened to the same mixes, and yes there is a difference.


how? why? who cares?!


the highs are really really nice, silky smooth, no sibilance, and just enough sizzle and tail on things like cymbals to feel just right. on the stock cable some mixes would come out with a little too much highs but i think this will fix that.


the bass has tightened up alot and is now nice and solid and it makes my brain rattle and shudder when those 20-30hz sine waves kick in on the dubstep/jungle tunes i listen to. the first day it was like the drivers where on strike, had too much to drink and then pigged out on a cow,... that's how lazy it sounded yesterday.


versus the stock cable,... the em3's straight from Franck are great, and if the cable had not severed on one side, i would have been perfectly happy with them as i'd learned how they respond quite well. but i'm happy that i got the eclipse as well because it refines the sound, like a high end eq, and it does it with great class. the stock bass is powerfull, no doubt about that, but the twag leans the bass out yet retains the power. that's what i mean by refines,.... picture a bodybuilder, lean, cut, massive,... now picture an UFC fighter, lean, cut, massive, and fast. that's how different the bass sounds.


i dont quite know how they'll hold up for mixing as i dont think they're as flat as the stock cable but i think theyll be ok once i learn their new sound signature.


you dont have to get it to fully enjoy your em3's,.... but if you find yourself missing some highs, have $300 in your pocket and dont have a coke/hooker habit,... you wont be disappointed witht he eclipse.

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Finally found the perfect paired for listened RADIOHEAD, these IEM is so wonderful
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The EM3 can be amazing with the right tracks!

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