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IC : Auckland Meet

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Any one interested in meeting up in Auckland.I know there is a thread for NZ meet but i have feeling that it not going to happen any time soon,the dates are forwarded every month.I have been waiting for 2 years to meet head-fiers.I have moved to NZ 6 months back.I am a budding audiophile with very little stuff.I am free for the next 2 week ends.

I will be going to India on the 17th of March and will be back after 6 weeks.I want the meet to happen before i leave to India.I am planning to pick up some audiophile grade stuff in Singapore on my way to India.I would love to get some tips and suggestions in the meet.

Place: We could meet up at my place ,have no restrictions OR We could rent out small place from any library .I have no clue which library rents out places as i am new to NZ.Aucklanders please pour in your views for the place ,date.

I have PMed Revogamer waiting for his reply regarding the meet

Interested members
1) Metalspree
2) Oya?

Tentative dates: 26th/27th/28th OR 5th/6th/7th of February

Auckland members please post your views
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...Bump...No one from Auckland interested in a meet
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Hi Guys

there is a possibility of a high-end headphone and digital source expo in Auckland later this year (2010). Grado PS1000, Ultrasone Edition 8, maybe HD800 along with some digital source to match.

Will keep you posted.
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