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FS Storm Cyclone PR1 Pro  

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This is a new in box backup pair, but I decided to sell it because I have the MTP Golds as a backup to my CK10s, so no need for two sets of PR1 Pros. $50 plus $5 shipping and handling. CONUS only. For international buyers, I will ship, but will not be responsible for delivery/damage, and shipping price will be higher (first class international only). I almost hate to sell these, but really not sure when I will ever use them.
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pm sent
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Still available ... an excellent pair of low-cost IEMs.
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Hmmm... do I need a 3rd backup set?
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im interested but says your "banned" cant pm you?
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This user has been banned for reasons unrelated to this thread. The thread is being closed until the user returns and at that time if they wish to have it reopened they can PM a mod.
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