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Converting MP3

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Any way to convert 320k MP3s to WAV without it sounding like total rubbish?
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You can use basically any audio conversion software to convert MP3 to WAV. The files will be lots bigger, and sound just the same.
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Converting (decoding) MP3 to WAV should make it sound 100% identical.
Meaning that no additional audio data is lost..

If the MP3 sound rubbish the WAV will sound rubbish as well. Keep that in mind.
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What would be the point in doing a conversion? Are you doing it for burning to an audio cd?
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Yea once it's compressed into an mp3 file converting it back to WAV won't make it sound any better. If you're not making a CD or using them for something that doesn't have mp3 playback I'd suggest keeping it the same.

I wish I knew this 2 years ago when I converted all of my files to ALAC because I thought it made them sound better lol. I'm glad I'm done with iPods lol.
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Lol, I know I won't get better sounding music just by doing the conversion, can't create something from nothing/crap. But I wanted to know if some of the software out there would make it worse (not sure the means or algo they use to do the conversion). I ask because I swear I think the last time I did the conversion the mp3s sounded better then the converted wav. I think I used winamp. Why am I doing this? Because I don't want to use USB to my dac.
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