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Trouble ripping and playing blu ray on PC

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i now have myself a BD-ROM 8x [samsung b083L] and the space to copy my blu rays to HDD

but i am having problems actually doing it

i have tried using DVD FAB and copying 'main movie] to hard disc [which leaves me with lots of folders] and i dont know what to paly and what to play it on

there is an m2ts file, an mpls file and others [index.bdmv, movieobject.bdmv]

the m2ts file plays without sound and jerky [on media player classic]
the mpls file plays with sound but jerky [media player classic]

i have cyberlink power dvd 8 which plays the discs in the drive fine

can anyone help?
i deally i want all the blu rays on the hard discs as just video files [with menu if possible but not essential] and no extra bits
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I usually stick with mkv files.
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Newer versions of PowerDVD do not allow you to play Blu-ray disks ripped to a folder for piracy prevention reasons. I assume that these are disks that you own.

If so, PowerDVD 7 does not block the playback of archived Blu-ray movies. With that version you can select "Open movie file on hard disk drive" and open the folder containing the "BDMV" and "CERTIFICATE" folders for playback.

Good luck!
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thats annoying cause its a pay for program

yeah the dvds are mine, i rip them like i do dvds, its just dvds are a lot easier to do :/

so why is it that MPC cant seem to play them as well?
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Originally Posted by Al4x View Post
thats annoying cause its a pay for program
The movie industry doesn't care about the consumer. This is why the Bluray disks and DVDs you buy force you to watch endless previews.

Originally Posted by Al4x View Post
so why is it that MPC cant seem to play them as well?
Bluray (specifically the decryption keys and codecs) requires licensing to play. Free software like MPC doesn't have these licenses.
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usually VLC media player (a free program) plays blu ray rips quite well.

the m2ts file should work with this program, but you can always use tsmuxer or some sort of converter and get it into another format for pc use. eg - .mp4, although not sure if tsmuxer can do that.
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you gave me an idea when you said power dvd doesnt allow you to play files from hard disk

after removing all the ads, i created an image of the blu ray movie file and mounted it on a virtual drive, power DVD now has no issues playing it,

shame i cant seem to find a way to keep the menus and actual film only, it seems its either just movie [which ive got] or whole bluray [which is too big!

also one more question, whats the acceptable compression on a blu ray? i could compress dvds to 80% and then convert them to an mp4 which used to reduce the size from 4GB to 1.25GB usually
acid604 you mentioned mp4 conversion
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I don't how effective any of the following methods are seeing as I have not tried myself but you can convert m2ts to bluray using program like this: iSkysoft Video Converter - Video Converter software to convert AVI WMV MPEG MKV
- It is a pay program and I'm sure there is some freeware available such as: M2TS to MP4 Converter-Easily convert M2TS to MP4, supports free download.

(Note: I've not tested either of those).

Also, there's a free program called BD Rebuilder BD Rebuilder - Video software and downloads - VideoHelp.com

And it makes it so you can select which part of the bluray you want to rip, and have it be compressed based on what your output settings are. For example, compress it so it'll fit onto a standard DVD.

Hope this helps, messing 'round with blu ray can be a very tedious and time consuming operation lol....

Also: out of curiosity, how big is your BD ripped file?
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This is the guide that really got me going on the right track. PM me if you need help with the files for DTSMA.
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back again, that guide ^ has alot of software thats pay for, when i already have dvd fab HD decrypter

creating Blu ray isos if i take everything out except the actual footage and HD audio track usually 25-30GB

for now i can deal with having an ISO as long as all the extra sound tracks and adverts etc are removed but i would like to get the size down from that too
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To get the size down I use a free program called ripbot264. I use it to either create an .mkv file or to create an avchd disc file structure that I burn onto dual layer dvdr's. I usually down res the movie to 720p and the mkv files usually range from 6 to 8 gigs in size depending on the movie. The results look great on my 60" plasma.

RipBot264 v1.15.0 - Simple and easy to use GUI -> IPOD . PSP . CONSOLES . BLURAY - Doom9's Forum
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Use AnyDVD to decrypt the disc. Then you can use anything you like to rip or play them.
I use MakeMKV if I do not want an ISO rip, and JRiver for all my playback.
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