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@rawrster ... It's in the initial post, HJE900s and Fuze. Good chance she may be back, even if only as an observer.
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oh wow..i obviously need to learn how to read :P

i thought that entire post was pretty much lyrics from a song or something
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Fair Play Orange1. Happy also with the Ipod Classic - HJE900 combo. Not even using a portable amp anymore. I've thought about upgrading from the HJE900. But what would I buy? I've owned and demo'd earphones more expensive the the HJE900, and would say they were all different, but not necessarily better (for my needs). If I found a better pair, I'm sure it would be a case of 'diminished returns'. That J&R deal is fantastic imo. I'd rather save that extra money, and spend it on my home gear.
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