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FS: IE40's ***PRICE DROP**** $175

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Hey guys, I'm new to this forum but not to forums in general. If you need to check my feedback check out under the same username. Anyway..enough of the introduction. I am selling rarely used IE-40's without the extra stuff (case, ear piece adapters, etc...). All that stuff was put in storage with the headphones and I dont know where it went. I thought it was all in the same place..but it wasn't. Oh well.

So the headphones are in MINT condition (they were used for a total of 2 weeks). I need them gone and I'm looking to get $175 Shipped OBO. I paid $399 (on sale) a while back and just never used them. I am handing them down to someone who can get a bit more use out of them. They are 100% guaranteed to be in PERFECT condition and in 100% functioning order (with no issues What-so-ever).

Let me know if you have any questions or what more pics. I ONLY ACCEPT paypal because MO is too much of a hassle and I like the security that PAYPAL offers. Thanks for looking!

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bump...still availableie-40s.jpg

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how about a trade?

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