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Macbook pro 13 with Wacom or Modbook?

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I'm a photo/art student for the next couple of years, most of the schools seem to be mac based. I'll be selling my Lenovo and moving to Apple for all practical purposes. Modbooks are on sale and vs. a MBP 13 with Wacom it's semi close, just wanted some outside opinion on this.
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Axiotron : Home It's a macbook (apple and Woz approved) that has a wacom digitizer in place of the keyboard, the normal screen is removed. Think really big ipod, that actually can be used as a computer.
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I would go the regular tablet route, the modbook is on sale for $700, but then you lose the macbook's functionality of being a regular laptop, which you can use when you're not doing art-related stuff. You may end up taking some courses that require writing, with the modbook you'd need an external keyboard and some way to stand the modbook up.

Plus the Intuos 4 is a serious tablet, 2048 levels of sensitivity vs. the 512 of the modbook.
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that was the biggest two points I was weighing, I would use a wireless keyboard, awkward to carry around and pull out though. I've been using an intuos three which has twice as much pressure as the modbook, but half as much as the intuos 4, I wasn't really sure if I would notice a difference. Just not as portable, the medium tablets are pretty decent in size. Thanks for your input.
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i use a tablet loaded with Ubuntu and Xournal for school and love it. well i love it so far as taking notes because, well, thats all i find it really usefull for(obviously drawing too but im no artist). it's a real pain handwriting everything and hoping the handwriting recognition works 100% just to get typed text. i love having digital copies of my handwritten notes though.

tl:dr i use a tablet for taking notes, elitebook for everything else.
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Why not run OS X on your lenovo? I'm not an art student, but thats what I ended up doing
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I want something a smidge smaller, 12-13 inches, then I'll probably make a hackentosh desktop plus the battery life on the lenovo is less than par, means bigger battery, bigger notebook macbook pro/macbook - 7ish hours vs. levovo (flush battery) 1.5-2 hours
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I'd stick with an Intuos 4, just for those times where you'd just want to use a notebook normally.

A wireless keyboard and mouse is a PITA on the go. Why people carry even a mouse is beyond me. Quicksilver+Apple trackpads > most mice(except for gaming and precision critical work).
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Yeah, I'm sold on the macbook and intuos, not having a keyboard is sort of a deal breaker. Plus the intuos, I could switch between systems if needed.
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