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have you ever tried or ?
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Yea in my opinion its.... better to just go ahead and get the IE8s now. Looking back at all of the things ive bought i wished that i just saved up and got the 10s from the start. i love listening to music now mre than I ever have before.

sure the ie8s are about 100 bucks more but imo the extra money is worth it if you have high quality rips, a good source, and love your music.
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Im gonna buy the ie8's. I've located them at a local store for 343 dollars...Now the hard part: waiting for my birthday(2 months away)
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OH ok nice. Wait... if you have to wait 2 months to use them, why not just wait until then? The price "might" go down or something new might enter the market (Shure 535s should be coming out soon right? I think anyway).
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