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Originally Posted by chinesekiwi View Post
Not to mention the IE8 has huge mid-bass = yuck tbh. Other such as the FX500 have much more balanced bass.
Agreed. Balanced sound with confident, extended, and linear bass.
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People think I am crazy when I say this, but it's very true

Insignia has a portable HD radio player and it comes with what may be the best stock headphones ever. The bass on them is just incredible. The highs are crystal clear, they are just awesome in every way. For the price, they smash every single set I've ever used included the expensive sets. They are the best value to ever exist. If you can land a set for 10$ from someone here on headfi or elsewhere who doesnt use them, you will save a few hundred because they sound very similar to the original monster turbines.
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Dude if you want more bass than anything else, the cks70s ROCK. They will handle anything you throw at them with ease. The ie8s come close but they balance the bass with mid and treble. If money is an issue go for the cks70s, bass bass and more bass. If you can go the extra dough, got to go with ie8s. Just MHO, but I have tried them all and I love DEEP, kick you in the head bass, more than most people....good luck....
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Originally Posted by heathbar001 View Post
If money is an issue go for the cks70s, bass bass and more bass.
Imagine CKS70's, turbines and C710 at the same price. Which one would you recommend in terms of bass quality & overall SQ?
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If money is an issue go for the cks70s, bass bass and more bass.
...and not much else. If you love bass, they're godlike, if you love music, they're hellish.
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I'm not sure if you are still considering the UM2, but if so I would take it off your list. At $300, there are better bang/buck earphones out there. I do like mine a lot though. Better deals have popped up since then in my opinion.

The UM2, to me, is a darker and warmer earphone. It certainly has good bass response and just enough treble detail to provide a good listening experience.

I'd say that the nuforce NE-6 would be a great bang/buck earphone for bass centered music. They use a single dynamic driver. It's easier for dynamic drivers to convey high bass quantity (and deep, sub bass) than it is for balanced armature. Because of this they respond to EQ more than any of my BA phones, if EQ is your thing. Their signature is slightly dark and bass heavy with forward mids and treble that is sharp but not overbearing.
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Originally Posted by ZARIM View Post
I also recommend JVC FX500( or new FX700) it's bass goes really deep and reverb not punchy as some other IEMs include IE8. The mids and highs are clean detailed with really wide soundstage.
I have the FX500 in my ears right now. It never ceases to amaze me with just how deep it goes (compared to my RE0 I miss some sparkle but the RE0 really is bass deficient so it's a small price to pay). It however isolates ridiculously badly for an IEM so if that is a concern, look else.

Whoever suggested the NE-7M (and since I think the NE-6 is the same phone just without the microphone, same story there) earlier should try these. I can't take my NE-7M anymore (the low bass just *isn't there*, it's not recessed, it's completely absent whereas the RE0 at least seems to be able to produce a meek amount of it) after using the FX500 for a month.
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Just received my Denon AH-C710 in the mail yesterday, I only have 8 or so hours of burn in on them but so far the bass is impeccable.
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monster turbine pro gold ,has fantastic bass, so deep and impactfull will being very detailed in the bass
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Originally Posted by Hentai11 View Post
...and not much else. If you love bass, they're godlike, if you love music, they're hellish.
How much better then the Atrios are they?My Atrios,all of a sudden just fell apart.They are over a year old.So now it's either the Hippo VB or the CKS70s.
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MTP Gold and IE8, the gold is not as bassy as the IE8 but has more forward mids and treble. The IE8 is very bassy with a significant midbass hump but also has a huge sound stage. They are both nicely detailed and have good instrument seperation but the MTP Gold is more obvious because it is a more forward sounding IEM.
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I know this is old thread.....


Hippo VB (with super bass plate if you dare)......


PFE with green filter.....

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klipsch s4 loves dubstep. i didnt know the genre till around the same time i bought these iems, now i have found myself downloading several dubstep artists just to enjoy the low end.

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Atrio X MG 5 or the MEElectronics M31-BK? Any other suggestions for MASSIVE BASS iems?

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