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Grado SR80I's For Sale

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Hello there head-fi! I bought my Grado SR80i's a month ago, mostly due to me being impatient and the Audio Technica AD700s being sold out. I like them, but realized they aren't suited for my music style, and just purchased the AD700s since they went on sale.

The Grados have 1 month of use, approximately 2-3 hours, more or less, each day. I have quarter modded them. They are in great condition, only used at home, never dropped once, handled like you would handle your first new born. Comes with the original packaging. I'm asking $70 and $5 for shipping, which brings the total to $75. US only, since international shipping costs wouldn't make these worth it. Payments must either be PayPal (Verified), or MoneyOrder.

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These are currently pending on being purchased. Will update once officially sold.
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I am buying these for an upgrade to the Magnum Lite
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I can't figure out how to edit the title, but these are sold.
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