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Ferret Fi.

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Very surprised that no ferret lovers are here or are they to busy playing with them to post.

Visited a mate the other day and his kids have just got a pair,what an experience,its like an overgrown rat on steroids.Only kidding.

They would have to be the most adorable pet you could ever wish for,such a shame that they are illegal to keep where I live.

Come on you Ferret lovers how about a few pics.
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Still no Ferret lovers here.

All is not lost at least Paris loves one.{along with lots of other things,but lets keep it clean}.
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They are fun.. but very awnry and never really calm down. They are also very hard to potty train from what I understand. They are defiantly fun to play with for a little bit, but after that - it might be a little complicated.
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I wanted one at one time, but thought they were a little too difficult to train.
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