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TTVJ Portable (Slim) / ALO Rx?

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Original Post:
hi guys, has anyone here had a good listen to both these portable amps, and/or compared them side by side?
the search dosent pull up many reviews of the ttvj though.. but there are many ALO Rx ones
im looking to purchase either one of them, and would like your impressions or comments on both these amps compared

Ps: I've only been able to try the TTVJ so far... and ive read the headfonia review

yes yes i havent been able to try the alo rx, however heres a short review~ enjoy

(cut me some slack please, its my first time ever posting a review! any comments would be greatly appreciated )

Well well, tada! ive bought one unit and im very satisfied with it
treble is clear, mids are lush and warm, bass is balanced with the mids and highs, and does not overpower. to my ears, the whole frequency spectrum of sound was evenly spread, with hardly any overlap of mids, highs, and lows.

tonal timber is warm, some might say its slightly coloured?

sound-stage was very wide, and that was something which i liked. (it also complemented my TF-10s in that aspect, as the TFs sound stage is already wide.)

i was also very impressed by its speed. fast double bass drum pedals dont overlap anymore as much as my retired go vibe petite. in fact, the amp is very clear in its articulation of fast moving passages.

to be honest, i have not listened to a tube amp before (sorry! newb alert!! ahahaha), so i cant do a comparison with that. however, i do find that the amp is warmer in all ranges as compared to other amps, especially the mids. the hornet comes close in this aspect, but the ttvj tops it by a decent margin.

Sound-stage was huge yes! hmm.. about sound stage, something that was a little interesting to me was that my previous go-vibe petites sound stage was more of "tall" rather than "wide"... listening on the go vibe petite was like listening to music in a hall which has a high ceiling but with medium surrounding dimensions... the ttvj is just very different in a positive way, like as if it were a wide open hall spanning sideways, yet having large and spacious headroom.

the overall sound quality is superbly pleasing to the ears.

i had chosen this amp after several rounds of listening to various other models of amps made by different makers.
i picked this amp over may of the others i auditioned, including the whole RSA and go vibe ranges, a few cordas, and GS voyager. i actually was deciding between the RSA hornet, and the graham slee voyager.
however after i was introduced to this fantastic amp, my preferences switched immediately.
Yes, i liked the overall sound presentation of the hornet, and the great punchy bass of the GS voyager on contour. yes, i liked the go-vibe sharps, go-vibe VB and the SR-71a. ultimately, i decided against the three because of their size, as it was bulky and heavy for me. (lisa III... omg... transportable rig yes?) The cordas were simply not my taste somehow.
Thus in the end i found the slim form-factor very attractive, and of course, not to mention the sound. preference for me went to this amp over the RSA amps because i liked this amps overall sound presentation more than the RSA amps somehow... it felt warmer and more lush than the rsa...

it seems that the amp is well shielded against RF interference and dosent stutter in protest when near any RF emitting devices like handphones. turning the amp on and off produces an audible pop sound, which is at worst, moderately loud, at best, very soft

one last thing i'd like to comment upon, i love the led light which changes colour as you adjust the volume up/down. does nothing whatsoever to improve the sound, but its purely genius, where aesthetics are concerned. compared to other amps with a digital potentiometer like the RSA shadow and ALO RX, you can actually see where your volume is on the scale, as the colour changes as the volume gets louder. neither the shadow no alo rx gives u any form of indication.
When turning the amp on/off the volume automatically cranks up/down to the last volume when the amp was turned off. u can stop that process by tweaking the dial yourself. in comparison, the ALO R

so.. from then till now, my amp seems to have matured a fair bit. it already sounded fantastic out of the box, and over time, i find it gets more and more satisfactory.. (burn-in, choose to believe or not, but please take the argument out to the right post). well IMHO, i find the signature improving day by day from its already great start. everything becomes tighter and more polished and refined.

lastly, the led light is fantastic, it changes colour allowing you to judge where your volume is as compared to other digital potentiometers form the shadow and rx which dosent allow you to. a very attractive feature. when turning the amp on, it automatically cranks up to the volume you last left your amp at when you turned it off... and you can stop the cranking up process by just rotating the dial manually fantastic isnt it? thats a feature im sure neither the shadow not rx has. however i do know that the rx will irritatingly crank your volume to mute everytime you turn your amp off. fantastic aesthetics!!!

All in all, its a fantastic amp! the TTVJ PORTABLE is a winner! THANKS TODD for giving us audiophiles this "gift"!

note: yes although the manual says that we'd never ever have to press the reset button, i beg to differ.. i have used it a couple of times already, when the battery drains too low on occassions, and the amp hangs. use it when needed, i'd say. but im positively sure that it dosent affect sound quality or anything we would be worried about.

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I've only heard them briefly but I preferred the TTVJ Slim.
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Todd mentioned that the TTVJ Slim sounds very similar to the TTVJ Millet Hybrid Portable. So you can probably look for reviews of the latter.
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all right thanks! ive ordered a ttvj from todd last monday, and i sure hope its on the way
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yeap i got my ttvj portable, and all i can say is wow. haha its too huge of a jump from my go vibe petite
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The TTVJ slim is my favorite currently in production portable. It's the perfect size, and the sound quality is awesome.
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Originally Posted by grawk View Post
The TTVJ slim is my favorite currently in production portable. It's the perfect size, and the sound quality is awesome.
Totally Agreed! may i know whats your setup with it?
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I don't own the TTVJ slim, I just spent some quality time with it a couple of times last year. I tried out JH13 generics, woodied HF1s, hf2s, and HD800s.
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Yeah the TTVJ slim is awesome. It has superb SQ, a sleek design, and size-wise it's a perfect match for my touch 3G.
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ttvj slim sound is superb, especially in the mid. but sometimes i have to reset it , if the battery drains out.
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Originally Posted by stefanus View Post
ttvj slim sound is superb, especially in the mid. but sometimes i have to reset it , if the battery drains out.
yup. i had that incident with it the first time i drained the battery haha. but other than that no problems

i feel it really brings the best out of my iems, so far of all the amps ive tested. none have come close to this kind of detail and fullness in sound

stage is not very open as my previous amp, but maybe give it more time?
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any pictures of front and back, any one using it with iPhone or touch?, what type conn. do you use...
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I liked the TTVJ sq better as well and the build quality is superior to the ALO Rx, but in the end I ordered the pico slim.
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Originally Posted by yourtoys7 View Post
any pictures of front and back, any one using it with iPhone or touch?, what type conn. do you use...
Touch --> custom low profile LOD --> TTVJ --> Shure SE530/Ultrasone Pro 900
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So has anybody heard both the TTVJ and Rx? So far, no direct comparisons with specifics on each as the OP requested.

*curious to hear this*
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