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Do ES7's retain sound?

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As in do they keep the sound in enough for me to sit 8 foot away from someone without them hearing it? I've heard some bad reviews on sound isolation for these.
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depends on how deaf you are.
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Hmm I'd say it would be ok but if you're a kid you probably listen at deafening levels so they might leak a lot.
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Should be fine. If not, you need to turn the volume down.
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Cheers guys. By the way i'm 34, wish i was a kid

Do any of you know how they compare to Senn HD 25 sp's? At the moment i'm torn between ES7, HD 25 sp, HD 280 pro and Beyerdynamic DT 35. Also like the look of AKG k518's.
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They actually isolate a bit better than their wooden older brothers and don't leak too much sound unless you blast the music. Not the greatest isolation ability you can get from a portable can but definitely not the worst, either. Great as a street can, IMO.

As for SQ, I actually find them somewhat close to the HD25-1 II sound, with little more bass emphasis and more forward mids... I'd rank them the same in terms of overall fidelity when they're stock. Since the HD25 SP's are reportedly a bit inferior to the 1-II's in SQ, I'd say you'll get some improvement in overall SQ with ES7.
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