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Originally Posted by alvin sawdust View Post

The Tranquility really is that good isn't it mamba.


I have also been using pure music and noticed a difference for the better when set in HOG mode. 

What differences did going into HOG mode make on your system?  I forgot to experiment with it but will be trying it now.


Regarding pictures of the inside, I've seen them before on Audiocircle somewhere.  I'm not the type that disassembles my gear though, sorry.

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I too would like to know what is inside to help justify the cost of this NOS dac.


I saw inside a heed DACtilius (upwards of £350) recently and almost spilt my milk, the price asked for some gear is plain nuts, you should always take a peek inside :)



edit: unless it voids the warranty :P

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Originally Posted by googleborg View Post

I too would like to know what is inside to help justify the cost of this NOS dac.


I saw inside a heed DACtilius (upwards of £350) recently and almost spilt my milk, the price asked for some gear is plain nuts, you should always take a peek inside " class="bbcode_smiley" height="" src="http://files.head-fi.org/images/smilies//smily_headphones1.gif" title=":)" width="" />



edit: unless it voids the warranty :P


Usually when manufactures stand behind their product are are proud of their designs they gladly show the insides.  In fact it might be hard to find a pic of a fully clothed product.  Hiding the internals prevents scrutiny.

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Took a bit of searching but I found the picture on Audiocircle that I was talking about



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Pure music in hog mode just added a little more liveliness and punch,nothing major but worthwhile all the same.

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From that picture the Tranquility DAC almost looks like the inside of the Violetric headphone amps but with very fewer parts it seems. The PCB board kind of looks thicker than normal but I don't know if they affects sound quality by using thicker PCB boards. From what I can understand about the Tranquility, it seems to concentrate on the time domain of a DAC and not the frequency domain so its precision is in the arrival of the sound signal with a NOS sound signature but more precise than most but lack processing above 16 bit and 44.1khz via USB so they somehow downsample it but with the core of the 16 bit and 44.1khz intact I don't know how it sounds like.

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Really interesting how on different sites there are 100 page threads on several manufacturers items, then on another site with equally irrational posters they only talk about a couple different manufacturers products lol.


Kinda makes you wonder how much of it is complete fanboism and or posters being hooked up or paid to fall in love with everything that they touch. I don't know, I just thought I see more about this here after seeing the craziness going on in audiocircle the past year or so for this.

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Funny that you bumped this thread as I was reading it yesterday. Over here, people like to see a lot of components. That's one of the reasons people like Audio-GD, they think it's value for money (which is true). Unfortunately, even if this dac or the signature edition sounds good, people are always going to come back to the guts. 


I for one would love to try it. I'll wait for the spdif version.

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Just thought I'd make another note in this thread.  Since I began it I have upgraded to the SE version of this DAC and that was a nice change for the better.


Back in the AC Tranquility thread, there was a recommendation made at one point to have the DAC plugged directly into the wall.  That was on the original Tranquility, and was because it supposedly did not benefit from power conditioning of any kind.  Well to this day I always had it plugged into the wall, with the rest of my equipment on a separate power strip (plain strip, not the conditioning kind).  But the other day, I was reading an article about ground loops and noise on the Anedio site and ran across this recommendation


"Use One Power Strip for All Components: We highly recommended that the power cords of all components be connected to a single point — usually a single surge protector with multiple outlets. This keeps all components referenced to a single point, as far as it is practically possible, thus minimizing the differences in ground potentials among the components."


from http://www.anedio.com/index.php/article/designing_a_low_noise_system


Bottom line: if you don't have all of your system plugged into one strip, TRY IT NOW.  It costs almost nothing and not doing so may be significantly restraining the potential of your existing setup.  I don't know if this applies to each and every system out there, but on mine, it has certainly proved true.

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I was very skeptical about the tranquility DAC but eventually got a chance to try it and was shocked at how musical it sounds! The Tranquility DAC sounds very natural with micro dynamics and harmonics only heard in expensive turntables!!! It has a sound "aura" I have never heard from any other DAC. A no brainer for people used to vinyl set ups and thinking about going digital while keeping the analog "soul". Very musical. Sounds great with most of everything and truly excels with Jazz and small ensembles. 

I can understand why it's hard for some people to go from a vinyl set up to conventional DAC-Computer but not from conventional DAC/computer to Tranquility DAC/computer.


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Yes, a superb usb dac indeed. Been very happy with mine for quite a while now and at some point I would like to upgrade to the SE version.


Eric Hider is currently working on a battery power hi-res dac that should be out in the new year.

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In my search for a new DAC I ran across a used one on Audiogon for $750 with The Essential cable.  This might be be in contention now.  I wasn't really wanting to spend more than $700 but this looks to meet my needs exactly. 

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Did you ever snatch the pre-owned Tranquility Dac you mentioned? $750 was a real good price for both the DAC and cable!

They don't come used too often...

I certainly don't regret getting mine over the other two NOS DAC (RWA Isabelina and MHDT Havana) I was considering and actually auditioned for myself. 




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I didn't end up getting it.  Still haven't nailed down exactly what I want.  It was very tempting though.  

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Has anyone compare the Tranquility to the METRUM NOS Dac produced in the Netherlands?


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