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As so many have said, Purk is a fine seller. I bought a pair if AT's from him. Every was excellent including the shipping, packaging and the product. He really takes care of his equipment.
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My second deal with Purk...and it only took about 4 years

Purk bought my Headamp Pico, saving me some Paypal fee $ by sending a check. Another great deal with a great guy. Hope not to wait another almost 4 years!
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i bought a cambridge 840c from purk. It was shipped quickly and came as described. Overall, I'm very satisfied and wouldn't hesitate to buy or sell something to purk again in the future.
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I purchased a pair of AT W10VTG headphones from Purk. They arrived in fantastic condition just as described, I am extremely happy with my purchase from Purk. Highly recommended seller.
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Sold an old laptop to Purk. Nice guy and sale went smoothly.
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Sold an amp to Purk. Paid promptly, patient buyer...
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Bought a pair of HD650's from Purk. The headphones were as described and sound fantastic. He did a good job of communicating with me throughout the sale.
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