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Pretty simple here actually, have a PSP and a Playstation 3. The PSP has Gen D-3 custom firmware so I can play PSX, GBA, SNES games on it. The Playstation 3 is for blu-ray and the few games I own. MGS 4 and Demon Soul. MGS4 is amazing, played all the MGS games in order and can honestly say 4 was hands down one of the greatest games I have ever played. I hesitate to say the greatest but man is it up there no question! It was quite literally the closest a game has come to movies and books in terms of emotions and really making me feel the characters.

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Not too many. 

Xbox 360



Ds Lite

Gameboy Advanced


Only use the Xbox360 anymore =/

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I have and Xbox 360, I used to play shooters and some RPG (mostly Bio-ware titles). However for the last three years 90% of my gaming time (not a lot of it now with a one-year old and work) is spent playing RockBand drums (expert only) with a ported electronic kit (sims rack with a roland and pintech mix of pads and cymbals).

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I have a PS3 and a Wii, I love them both. Most of my PS3 time is spent on MW2 and LBP atm, and my Wii is playing De Blob. Nintendo's E3 was brilliant though.

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on the 65" Mitsubishi DLP


40gb FAT PS3 upgraded to 500gb

Xbox 360 20gb white


On the other 65" Mitsubishi 65" DLP


80gb backwards comp. FAT PS3 upgraded to 320gb

Xbox 360 arcade with 120gb HD

Wii with Mod chip and external HD mod for games


on the 42" LCD

40gb FAT PS3

Xbox 360 Elite 120gb Black


pics up later.... except of the 2nd mitsubishi dlp system.... kitchen caught on fire so that house has to be cleaned and fixed by the insurance company will all the stuff inside moved to storage and cleaned of all the soot that got on EVERYTHING!

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Casual gamer for sure, Xbox 360 Elite, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo DS-L.

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I still have an old gameboy, nes and snes.  Unfortunately, I got rid of my genesis w/segacd and my n64 when I moved here in 2001.  I ended up buying another genesis a few years ago from some game auction site similar to ebay but it's slightly different than the one I used to have, plus it looks like a dog chewed on it. I still have my fat ps2 from the day it came out in the BX.  I have an old xbox that I think is at a friend's house, since it's not in mine.  I have a 60gb ps3 with a 500gb hd, a wii, and a 360 elite.  I hardly ever play my consoles though, I just play cs on the computer :/  www.backloggery.com/gorb for an incomplete list of my games.

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I'm a casual gamer on xbox 360, since I bought one, didn't install a game on my pc yet

well I am a casual gamer but an ADDICTED in Gears of war 2. There are games and the<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Gears of war 2 multiplayer despite all the lag and bad network coding.

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Just a PS3, it really does everything

I think I might be able to find my old school Atari somewhere in my closet :P

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Orignal Magnavox Odyssey with manuals ect all in perfect condition.

2600 first gen with box, manuals lots of games and a few years of atari magazine.

Sega Genesis

Sega 32X



(yea no Nintendo, my lil sis owns that one)

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I started with an odyssey - I give most of the ancient consoles to kids of friends of mine - using currently;


2 PS3 (one study, one theater room)

2 Xbox 360 slims (one study, one theater room)

4 DS-XLs - one per family member even though my wife rarely plays

3 PSPs (2 2000s and 3000 - all modded)


Crapton of PS2 games still - mostly a 360 player right now.


2 massive gaming desktops


currently playing:  WoW. LOTRO, shooters on PCs

Magna Carta 2 on xbox 360 (many games ready to go)

FF XIII (worst game ever, like choking down bad food) on ps3 (Demon Souls next)

DQ 9 on DS...need to finish a lot of games on this

PSP im set right now, just finished Hexyz Force

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Nothing NOTHING beats GB Pokemon RandB

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I've got:



  • Atari 5200
  • NES
  • Genesis
  • Wii
  • PS1, 2, 3
  • Xbox 360



  • Game Gear
  • GameBoy Color, SP, DS
  • PSP 2000


And, of course, my desktop and laptop.

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I had SNES, Dreamcast, Gameboy Color, and a PS2.


Currently own a Xbox360, PS3 and Wii. Now, the Wii just sits in a cabinet collecting dust. The Xbox360 is used for X360 exclusives or multi-platform games like Madden and the like. However, almost all my play-time has gone to the PS3 which has so many great exclusive titles like MGS4 and MLB 10 The Show.


Of course, all my real FPS gaming is on my desktop because I'll be damned if I can do decently with the analog sticks.

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I've a Playstation 3, psp, nintendo DS lite and a playstation 2.


Used to had a Playstation 1, Sega Saturn Sega Genesis. I consider myself somewhere between a casual and a hardcore gamer as although i love games, i'm kinda lazy to get every single trophy that they have to offer :D

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