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Originally Posted by carm View Post
PS3, PS2, PS1

Had: Sega Meda Drive 2, Atari Lynx, PSP.

And there is the photo list of mostly all gaming consoles ever produced: Ðàçâèòèå âèäåî èãð (250 ôîòî) - Fishki.Net | Ôèøêèíà Êàðòèíêà
Thanks for that link! That was a great trip down memory lane haha.
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Originally Posted by Pepsi View Post
Actually FF13 is on Xbox, but FF14 will not be. Either way i'd get a PS3 over an xbox any day.
Originally Posted by joomongj View Post
ff13 is also on ps3.
FF13 was designed for the PS3. It was merely adapted to work on the 360.
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Originally Posted by fenixdown110 View Post
FF13 was designed for the PS3. It was merely adapted to work on the 360.
I know the franchise was a ps game originally. Don't need to state the obvious unless you're talkin' to him.
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Originally Posted by joomongj View Post
Own none but I seriously am contemplating to get ps3 so I can get my hands on uncharted 2, killzone 2, metal gear solid 4, ssf4, ff13 or 14 I don't know since I never played ff franchise, and a few other console-exclusive titles.
Uncharted 2 and MSG4 are worth it. Killzone 2 was a dissapointment for me. I found the controls quite bad.

Along those lines, the controller of the Xbox 360 absolutely pwns the Dual Shock. The gaming experience of the 360 is almost better just because of the controller. I am very glad that I own both systems.
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I currently own the following devices:

- Wii - Wiikey'd
- Xbox360 - JTAG'd
- PS2 - FMCB'd

- Nintendo DS Lite - Acekard 2.1, M3i Zero, EZV 3-in-1 and some other flashcards
- PSP2000 - GEN-D3
- Dingoo A320 - Dingux
- GPH Wiz

I like to have full control over my hardware, which is why all of my players are hacked one way or other. The Wiz is open by default, no need to mod it. Next on my (wish) list: Open Pandora.
5.50 GEN-D3
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have these

sega master system 1
sega megadrive 1 jap model
sega megadrive 1 euro model
sega megadrive 2 (2x)
sega megacd
sega 32x (2x)
sega saturn (2x)
dreamcast pal (2x)
dreamcast jap
nintendo snes
nintendo gameboy color
nintendo gamecube black
nintendo gamecube purple (qoob)
nintendo wii
nintendo ds (first model)
ps2 fat
ps3 60gb fat jap
psp fat white jap
xbox 360

not a big gamer i just love to collect consoles -_-
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Xbox 360




All works nicely with my mixamp.

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I'm definitely a sony fan-boy :P



Nintendo DS

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In time order.










Gameboy Color

Gameboy Advance

Gameboy Advance SP

Gameboy Micro


DS Lite


Mostly a PC Gamer now though.

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I'm a causal gamer...  I currently have a Xbox 360 with 25 games and Nintendo Gameboy with 7 games


I had an Atari 2800, NES, SNES and PSP Slim - all were sold or given away

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Ohhhhh, Atari 2800, Old school

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I had Atari 2600 when I was a kid. Ah such fond memories!


Got a Commodore 64 when I was around 8-9 and enjoyed all the turbo cassettes and "load", and "run" commandos to get the games started.


About 3 years later I got an Amiga 500. While I had that one I got back into the console world with a Sega Genesis. It was not as fun as the Amiga, though, so I gave it to my nieces. I still have the Amiga in working condition and I take it out of storage sometimes and play old classics. The Amiga might not be a console, but as a computer it was mostly focused on gaming.


After I gave away the Genesis. I have stayed away from the console world until last year when I got a used Sega Dreamcast off Ebay on a whim and it has been great fun. The Dreamcast was a great console and almost 10 years after it was canceled, its games are still fun and engaging to play. Especially multiplayer "the old way" (i.e. all the players are physically in the same room).

I burned a CD with a NES emulator for my wife to relive old games from her childhood when she played on her brothers Famicom. For me it's Dreamcast FTW!

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Here are the "classic" consoles that I currently have hooked up. I'm sure I can count on you guys to recognize what they are, right?



There's a PS2 over to the left as well. The SNES controller is not hooked to the SNES, but actually to my PC, which is hooked to the same TV. That's what I use for a large portion of my gaming these days. :D

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That really makes me want to make the old skool room like some of my friends have started making.


I'm still looking for a nice CRT to run my older games.  These HD screens can't do them justice.

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Yup! Just bought a house with a room upstairs just for that,pretty much! I have a Sansui 27" stereo CRT to play all my classic games on. Got it hooked to a circa-1995 Aiwa stereo and some 80's Radioshack Realistic speakers for the full effect.


My dream project is to build a MAME cabinet up there. :-D

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