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Bose In-Ear Headphone. Pure crap. I returned them five minutes after my purchase, and only waited that long because it took me half that time to open the packaging and the other half to get back to Best Buy.
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K701- waaaay too airy, plastic sound, bad tone. made every recording sound exactly the same. You could take the heaviest, bassiest dub music, and it would still sound light and airy.

JVC HARX700. My ksc-75 sounds way better, and they are tiny, cheaper, more convenient, look better, etc. The rx700 just sounded off to me, like there were these big gaps between certain frequency ranges. I imagine a tonal sweep might completely drop off the map at certain points
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Sennheiser HD800. Too little bang for the Buck!!! + Cheap Built quality for the money spent.

Ultrasone Edition 9. Too little bang for the Buck.
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I find this thread really amusing and I think it drive home the point that ultimately its a matter of what sounds good to your ears.
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Just like almost every thread in this forum. Where the final conclusion is "To each his own".

In this pursuit we forget a lot of time how far we have come and be happy with what we have.

"Let not perfect be the enemy of good"-Voltaire

Find something good and be happy with it!!!!
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Bose Triport On Ear Headphones...
$180, the same I paid for my Grados and with a fraction of the sound quality. Bloated bass with murky highs: exactly what I wasn't looking for. I purchased them before I found Head-fi and became "enlightened"
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Oh, Triports are the worst!
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Originally Posted by pp312 View Post
I regret buying every headphone that doesn't have Sennheiser printed on it.
So can we now call you a Senn lover?
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Originally Posted by MomijiTMO View Post
So can we now call you a Senn lover?
Probably not, since I'm not too keen on the 580/600 series and probably wouldn't like too many cheaper Senns either.

Incidentally, posts about 'to each his own' are quite right. However, when someone posts as a blanket statement of fact that the Senn 595 is simply no good with music I just have to reply. The 595 has a tremendous fan base, especially outside this forum, and as a lover of live music I can certainly understand that. Even though I own a 650, I can happily listen to the 595 and not feel I'm missing much at all.
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Without question, the AKG K-701. It makes vocals sound plasticky and awful.

*Eagerly awaits response from Acix*

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Super.Fi 5 Pro's. They sound great, but won't stay in my ears! arrrrrgggghhh
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Kanen KM880. Worst headphone in the world. But then again, its only $18. It's a matter of principle though! Some products shouldn't be allowed to see the light of day.
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All of them...because each one leaves me wanting more!!
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koss portapro 25th limited edition,, wayy over priced, muddy bass n no detail..
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Maybe I should out $2 in one of those machines usually reserved for kids toys and so I can say iBuds are my worst.

Would rather buy a chocolate bar or two instead
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