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Originally Posted by VALIENTE View Post
I'm sorry I have never regretted any headphone purchase.
I agree.
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Bose QC ...when I joined the mass consumer movement...
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Skullcandy Titan. My soul hurts just thinking about them.
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Its one of the first version of the full sized headset from icemate with separate mic, it costed like 60-80$ I think but the sound was worse than my 10$ supermarket headphone I bought by curiosity.
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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post
No regrets. All part of the experience...
I like this answer, too.
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Denon D7000
Ultrasone Edition 9
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Originally Posted by VALIENTE View Post
I like this answer, too.
I'm in the same boat...so far.
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UE super.fi 5 Pro

AKG K701

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Grado SR60. Read the infamous Corey Greenberg review and expected heaven to descend upon my ears. Instead I got nasty, uncomfortable, fatiguing sound. Lesson learned!
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Skullcandy bar none, what's worse is after they broke I took them back to get replaced, should have left them in the bin.
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AKG K340.I seriously underestimated the amping requirements of these suckers.I had to re-do my whole setup, and after all that i still didn't like the way they sounded.
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Originally Posted by anetode View Post
Fostex T20RP, not enjoyable in the slightest. Good thing my friend found them useful for mixing, or they would've met Mr Twelve Gauge.
Was that the mkII version or the earlier version...v.2?

In my case it was k240S. They're not horrible, just a big disappointment compared to the 240DF(needs amp though) and dt250. Even sony v6 is better in some respects.
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I've bought almost all of them on this forum, so I wouldn't want to say specifically.

It would probably have to be the freaking MINT, new in box that had never been opened K340s that I later sold to a scammer in SE Asia -- so I was out the K340s AND had to refund the jackass his money. (this took place on eBay, but he contacted me thru head-fi when I expressed concern... the one time I've been fooled online)....

It was too small an amount to bitch about though...

Until I saw what 2 pairs of NOS k340s recently went for in the FS forum... ARGH

Now to avoid confusion -- I had ANOTHER pair of nearly-new K340s that I sold to a very upstanding member on head-fi who happens to live in Asia. If you're reading this -- PLEASE realize I'm not talking about you!!

So the 2 k340s I have now are the 4th and 5th pairs I've owned, but I went through 3 mint or near mint sets to get them, so it's not a very happy memory.

Lesson learned: freaking HOLD ON to headphones. I didn't need the money when I sold them, and they've gone up in value since then.

To top it off, K340s are very difficult to amp, have a built-in terminate date because of the drivers, and are the heaviest headphones I own. But I'm NOT getting rid of them this time.
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HD238 ...
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HD-600,after hearing Grado RS-1
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